Pushkov explained why the United States will not impose “hellish” sanctions against Russia

The senator believes that Biden has only one “lever” of pressure left

Federation Council member Alexei Pushkov said that US President Joe Biden would not dare to impose “hellish sanctions” against Russia, which were previously warned in Washington. The senator explained in his Telegram why the head of the White House will not take this step.

Photo: Mikhail Kovalev

Pushkov noted that the point is not that Biden is not ready to impose sanctions, but that he is more far-sighted than his administration.

“The United States is left with a set of extremely harsh measures that may lead, as Putin warned , to the rupture of relations between Russia and the United States, but this is all he has, “the senator said.

If Washington aggravates, the Federation Council member believes, the United States will no longer have instruments of influence on Moscow, which, in turn, will be completely untied in the international arena.

After the imposition of sanctions, the senator added, the United States will only be able to threaten Russia with military means.

Russian and US Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden spent telephone conversation on December 30. During the conversation, Biden threatened Moscow with “large-scale sanctions” if the situation in Ukraine aggravated.

Putin, in turn, noted that this step would be a big mistake, followed by a complete rupture of relations between the two countries.

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