“Progress M-UM” will be flooded in the Pacific Ocean

The press service of Roskosmos reported that the instrumentation compartment of the Progress M-UM cargo ship will undock from the ISS on Thursday night and will be flooded in the Pacific Ocean, TASS reports.

It is planned that the undocking command will be issued at 02:03 Moscow time, after which Progress M-UM; will go into autonomous flight.

“ Place of the fall of non-combustible structural elements in the Pacific Ocean: 2,460 km from the city of Wellington, 7,030 km from the city of Santiago '', & mdash; specified in Roskosmos.

Recall that with the help of Progress M-UM; On November 24, the “ Berth '' nodal module was launched, & nbsp; which “ is designed to increase the technical and & nbsp; operational capabilities of the Russian segment. '' & Nbsp;

Operation to dock with the laboratory module Nauka; took place in & nbsp; automatic mode under the control of cosmonauts Anton Shkaplerov and & nbsp; Peter Dubrov.

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