Press conference of Vladimir Putin: online broadcast

What the president answered to journalists' questions

Vladimir Putin is holding an annual big press conference in 2021. The president will meet with journalists at Moscow's Manezh on December 23 at 12:00. It is expected that communication with the press will take about four hours, and that Putin will talk about the coronavirus, QR codes, rising prices, escalation with Ukraine and more. We are broadcasting online the press conference of the President of Russia.


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This is Putin's seventeenth press conference. Last year, elements of the Direct Line, canceled due to coronavirus, were included in the president's communication with reporters. This time Vladimir Putin will hold a face-to-face press conference. 507 correspondents are accredited to it (before the pandemic there were about twice as many), with each & nbsp; of the accredited had to pass three PCR tests for coronavirus. Among those admitted to the event are foreign media agents.

On the Kremlin's website, a list of items prohibited from taking to the press conference has appeared – for example, they will not be allowed to carry flammable items, the only exceptions from the category are matches and lighters. They will not be allowed with animals – unless this animal is a guide dog with all the relevant papers. Or else you can't carry posters and slogans of religious or political content, but religious books for personal use – you can.

Putin, who was revaccinated against coronavirus and, in addition, experienced a nasal version of the vaccine on himself, will be separated from the hall by a considerable distance – however, numerous cameras in the hall will help the president to monitor the mood of the journalistic audience.

Our correspondents work today at the Manezh, perhaps they will be able to ask a question to Vladimir Putin. We are also analyzing the answers of the head of state with experts. All news about the press conference of the President of Russia 2021, analytics and journalism – in our online broadcast.


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