Press conference by Vladimir Putin. The main thing

The Moscow Manege hosts a press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Unlike last year, this time it is held in face-to-face format. The main thing from the press conference is in the material of RBK

Vladimir Putin

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About the pandemic

infection turned out to be more mobilized and ready for shocks. The recession rate was 3%, which is much lower than in other leading economies. And the recovery is going faster than in other countries. ''

“ Many countries, such as Germany, are worried about the low level of vaccination. We have 59.4% herd immunity in Russia. This is not enough. We need herd immunity at 80%. Hopefully next year, by the end of the first quarter, we will achieve this result. ” 146 million for such a huge territory is completely insufficient. We have 81 million working people. We must seriously increase [this figure] by 2024-2030. Saving the people, about which Solzhenitsyn spoke, is the most important driver of growth.

On the “ abuse '' Central Bank

“ In many countries around the world, the intensity of the work of printing presses has increased. Budget deficits are growing in all leading countries. We have big inflation too & mdash; twice the target. We need to go back to 4% of course. You can scold the Central Bank here. We don't show it on TV, but we hold meetings every day. They will sit 3 meters away from me and show me off. The Central Bank conducts an independent policy. I do not interfere with it, but I assess it positively. Lending volumes are not falling. ”

Press conference format

Although this time the president is personally communicating with journalists (last year the meeting was partially held via video conference), due to the pandemic, there are still certain restrictions. Thus, it was decided to reduce the number of press representatives to 500 (for comparison: in the record year of 2019, 1,895 journalists were accredited). At the same time, the Kremlin refused free accreditation, focusing on federal and foreign media. The plenipotentiaries in federal districts were involved in the selection of regional publications.

This is how it looked before the start of the press conference:

A special system was installed at the entrance to the Manezh, with the help of which all visitors are treated with silver particles. Yelena Krylova, press secretary of the head of state's affairs manager, called this an additional measure related to the pandemic.

How past press conferences were held

Since 2001, Putin has already held 16 press conferences. This format was not carried out only in 2005 and from 2009 to 2011 (then Putin was prime minister).

Last year, a press conference was held on December 17. Putin then announced one-time payments in the amount of 5 thousand rubles. for each child to families with children under seven years old. He announced a reform of primary health care, for which 500 billion rubles are provided. Putin also announced his readiness to renew the treaty on the limitation of strategic and offensive arms with the United States, which was extended in January this year.

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