Peskov confirmed the Russia-NATO meeting


Dmitry Peskov said that the Russia-NATO meeting“ is a very important track of negotiations ”. He recalled that two draft agreements and treaty, which were first committed to the American side, and then to European capitals, “contain initiatives related to NATO.”

“It makes sense, apart from the track of bilateral Russian-American negotiations, to involve negotiations between Russia and NATO,” the Kremlin speaker said. He stressed that these will be “important and very responsible negotiations.”

Details, according to him, are still being finalized by diplomatic channels.

This date will be confirmed or re-confirmed (NATO calls January 12) and the composition of the negotiators will be formed, Peskov noted.

As for the reaction to NATO's counter-demands on Russia, the necessity of which has already been declared by many Western politicians, then, according to Peskov, one must first wait “what position will be formulated by the alliance in response” to Moscow's proposals. “It would be premature to say otherwise,” he stressed.


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