Paul Ramirez & The Lost Vaqueros – I Sing God Bless America lyrics

She stands for our freedom,
Liberty and human rights
She’s our home and what we all truly believe in.

She’s what soldiers have fought for,
On our shores and foreign lands
And the purple heart they got in Vietnam.

We can all express ourselves,
As long as no one’s hurt
And the Court says it’s okay to burn the flag.

And it’s because of the first amendment,
And the grounds of “free speech”
I can stand here and sing this song for you right now.

And I sing God bless America
My country ‘tis of thee
She welcomes huddled masses
Tired & yearning to be free.
I sing God bless America
And forever may she stand
May she never turn her back
On those south of…
The Rio Grande.

Well I’m not saying I’m okay,
With the burning of the flag
Patriotic allegiance we must all have.

But she embraces those who come here,
In search of honest work
In the quest for the promise land and opportunity.

To live the American dream,
No matter who you are
What language you may speak or who you pray to.

We’re a nation of Immigrants
Seeking liberty and justice for all
And we’re all just Americans right now.

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