NYT learned details of new US sanctions against Russia over Ukraine

The administration of US President Joe Biden, together with allies, is preparing a new package of sanctions against Russia in case of an` `invasion '' to Ukraine. The New York Times (NYT) writes about this with reference to American officials.

According to them, the discussed restrictions will enter into force a few hours after the “ invasion '' Russian military to Ukraine. NYT notes that officials first released the details of the sanctions package just ahead of a series of diplomatic talks between Russia and Western countries, scheduled for next week.

The newspaper writes that in recent days, the United States has discussed with allies including the disconnection of Russia's largest financial institutions from international banking/payment systems, the imposition of an embargo on the export of American developments necessary for the defense and consumer industries, as well as a strategy for arming the Ukrainian rebels who will wage a “ guerrilla war ''; against Russian troops.

“ Technological sanctions will affect some of [Russian President Vladimir] Putin's favorite industries, especially aerospace and military, which are the main sources of revenue for the Russian government, '' & mdash; writes the edition.

The main attention in the introduction of new sanctions, according to NYT, will be paid to Russian-built fighters, anti-aircraft missile systems, anti-satellite systems, space systems and new technologies, in the development of which Russia hopes to achieve success. such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

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