NorthWind Wolves – Majestic Fog On The Everlasting Mountain lyrics

You ask me why I dwell on the mountain?
Simply ask the crows who Caw in reverence…
When I make no reply for my heart is free.
I live a world apart that is not among men.
The fog has risen from the sea and crowned
The dark, Brooding face of the mountain.
Wind whispers inside the deep forest
The sky has darkened, But the Moon will show us the way,
To The ceremony
We stand with black robes surrounded by tombstones and pure unholy water
But its your own Weakness suffocates your will
Daylight has finally reached it’s end
And tonight lightning strikes into the sky
Far away is the dark fading moonlight
Feel the gloom of restless night…
Eternal is their lives of misery
In this garden of depraved beings, Walk with me into the night
Mesmerized by endless power
We revile those who have
Abandoned the dark path.
By the power of death, And the beings of the night
A call has been brought upon us In these nights of magic
To join with those who fell from heaven
This is where we go when we have to die
The time for her life, has slowly begun to end
From the handle, blood drops and drops
Silent now, as her body lays still, grey as the evening sky
Fuck you and die, into the night. In the Mountain mist tonight.

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