NorthWind Wolves – Last Light Before The Darkness: lyrics

Last light before the darkness:
It is our True Path to Hasten the Falling of the Sun
Hear the song of nocturnal insects and watch the fading light of the sun die…
The Dark distant peaks descend into shades of black and above is the moon
Guarded by shards of starlight.
Together our journey begins here and we’ll have to battle the powers of nature
To reach the end.
I feel the chill of whisper down to my bones
And I lay my head to rest knowing that the
Wintery winds are coming fast…
Alone and in the darkness of candle light
With the dancing shadows to keep me company tonight
I hear the wings of dragonflies and the cold rain
Descends on the mountain tonight
Here, no illusions remain and the truth is brought out for all to see
It’s truly the silence that conquers all things, and solitude is the only reality…

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