No, China did not appoint a “new Mao”: they chose the main target

China now has a new leader – the Communist Party itself called Xi Jinping helmsman, and after all, only Mao Zedong was titled that way. This boils down to the reaction of the world press (including part of the Russian one) to the plenum of the CPC Central Committee that ended in Beijing. The “Central Committee Decisions on the Main Achievements and the Historical Experience of the 100 Years of the Party's Struggle” adopted at it does not say anything about the helmsman, but at the press conference after the plenum, the responsible officer of the Central Committee did indeed use an epithet in relation to Xi, which can be translated as “helmsman, helmsman” – so it started. And who cares that this word is “zhangoche” and not “doshou” as Mao was called? Why are these trifles, if you need confirmation that China has finally returned to autocracy, which is designated as the main threat to democracy?

Fortune-telling in the thick of China is a favorite pastime of Western analysts. Recently, there were even leaks that it is more and more difficult for American intelligence to obtain information about Xi's inner circle, and this makes the White House nervous. Because, as the South China Morning Post writes with reference to sources in American departments, Washington seeks to predict Beijing's next steps – and cannot. America has already been “taken by surprise by a number of events, including the strengthening of Beijing's control over Hong Kong, the build-up of the Chinese military presence in the South China Sea, restrictions on investigating the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the intensification of hacker attacks against China's opponents.” img class = “aligncenter” src = “ 0:3072:1728_1920x0_80_0_0_c2f4aea94453ff5d72c21aac540a9ba5.jpg” not appointed in China & No, no, & quot; new Mao “: they chose the main goal” />


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