Nebenzya suspected the EU of accumulating grain instead of exporting to poor countries

Thus, Ukraine can “pay off” with Western countries for the supply of weapons, the permanent representative believes. In March, US President Joe Biden said that Washington, along with its allies, is looking for a way to get grain out of there

European countries can accumulate exported grain in their storage facilities, and not transfer it to poor countries, said Vasily Nebenzya, Russian Ambassador to the UN at a meeting of the Security Council of the world organization on the topic of conflicts and food security.

“A logical question arises: where do these deliveries [of Ukrainian grain] go? How do they relate to food security in the world? We have reasonable suspicions that the grain is not going to the needs of the starving global South, but is being pumped into the granaries of European countries, — said the diplomat, admitting that this is how Ukraine “pays” with the West for arms supplies (TASS quote).

The global food crisis began long before the events in Ukraine, its main reasons were “an abrupt transition to green energy imposed on the whole world instead of a well-thought-out smooth energy transition, as well as the frank politicization of energy cooperation by a number of countries,” the permanent representative believes. The world community began “recklessly” refuse to participate in energy projects, which caused a sharp increase in energy prices, the diplomat said.

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