Mount Whitney completes operations in the Black Sea

The US Navy Mount Whitney, after completing training exercises in the Black Sea, began to move to the Mediterranean Sea. This was announced on Twitter by the press service of the Sixth Fleet.

It is noted that the staff of the fleet headquarters and the command of the naval strike forces and NATO support are on board.

Recall, on November 12, seven military ships of the US Navy, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine conducted exercises in international waters off the Romanian coast of the Black Sea. They passed 100 kilometers from Constanta, the largest port in Romania. After the completion of the maneuvers, the American warships remained in the port for a few more days.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said earlier that the Russian military controls the actions of the US Navy ships in the Black Sea. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov & nbsp; emphasized that the NATO exercises are connected with the desire of the United States to increase its policy of containing Russia. & Nbsp; & nbsp;


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