Melodies underground. Musicians returned to the Moscow metro

Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Transport Maxim Liksutov announced the restart of the Music in the Metro project. This event was specially  timed to coincide with the holiday of March 8 and combined with the awarding of the leading employees of the subway.

«Today, the Music in the Metro project is being resumed. The musicians started performing at the venues that operated before the pandemic, in the next few months we will add 5-6 more venues,” the Deputy Mayor noted.

The project is already in operation. This is the comment AIF.RU received from musician Maxim, who was tuning his electro-acoustic guitar at noon to start a two-hour shift in the transition between Tverskaya and Tverskaya. and “Chekhovskaya”: “I am very glad that the project was resumed. This is a good opportunity to show yourself and earn extra money. There is a lot of demand among musicians, for example, the place where I play now is extremely popular. All slots (this is a reservation for 2 specific hours) are sorted out until the evening. A gray line passes here, intelligent people live here. The passengers are pleasant, willing to stop and listen. I have a large repertoire – from classical to jazz. Latin American music is also very well received.

Musician Maxim today held his first performance in transition to "Chekhovskaya". Photo: Photo of the transport complex of Moscow

The musicians get permission to play in the subway for free, the permitted points are marked with bright floor stickers and wall signs. Now there are three dozen sites. Passengers, if they wish, can thank the artists with money.

The festive rewarding of employees of the transport complex took place in the building of the Northern River Station. Certificates of honor, thanks and letters of thanks were received by Muscovites working in the TsODD, metro ticket offices, drivers of buses, trams and electric trains, engineers and station attendants.

«Thank you for such a wonderful gift by March 8, – says Maria Yakovleva,electric train driver of the depot “Fili” metropolitan subway. – I am very glad that I work in the subway and that I am part of a huge well-coordinated mechanism. height=”600″ width=”337″ style=”display: block;” />

Rewarding Maria Yakovleva, electric train driver at the Fili depot. Photo: Photo of the Moscow transport complex

According to Maxim Liksutov, women make up 30% of the staff of the metropolitan subway: “Among the world's subways, ours is in second place in terms of the number of women working in such a serious transport infrastructure. We are especially proud that in the last few years they have taken on roles such as subway train drivers. In terms of the quality of work, our employees are among the best among all the drivers of the Moscow Metro. We are extremely interested in the fact that our ranks are replenished with professionals, while we are ready to conduct training ourselves.


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