Medvedev considered the goal of the United States “a walk-field with freaks in power” in place of Russia

“Narrow-minded strategists” from the White House do not think about the future, Medvedev said. If they had succeeded in realizing their plans, the world would have faced a severe crisis, and everything would have ended with a “big nuclear explosion”, he believes

Dmitry Medvedev

Russia would turn into an uncontrollable ” “walk-field” where freaks and fanatics are in power, if “short-minded strategists” from the White House, they managed to implement their plan, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev said on his Telegram channel.

He noted that the Americans “did not find good strategists after World War II.” and they “have little interest in the future” if it is not about their own income, their house, their plans. “They just don’t give a damn what happens next and with whom. They don't hide it, — wrote Medvedev.

According to him, the goal of “such a mediocre and primitive game” Russia has been for the last 30 years. However, how such actions will respond in the near future, “no one even thought,” continued the deputy head of the Security Council.

He suggested imagining what would happen if the US succeeded in realizing the “tactical task of destroying Russia.” “Clever strategists from the White House” would cause a political and economic crisis in the country, weakening and leading to a split “huge, very complex” state, and the result, according to Medvedev, would be “the largest nuclear power with an unstable political regime, weak leadership, a collapsed economy and the maximum number of nuclear warheads aimed at targets in the United States and Europe.”

“Or in general, five or six“ new countries ” in the place of Russia, as they dreamed overseas in the 90s, where each such “country” their strategic weapons. Doesn't it remind you of anything? An unruly “walking field” where freaks, fanatics and radicals are in power? A plot from a dystopia or a crazy futurological forecast? pulp fiction? No, this is the real prospect of such a strategy,»— wrote Medvedev.

The next goal for the United States, he believes, would be the “total weakening of China”, after which there would be only a couple of steps to “a severe global crisis, an energy and food collapse, the failure of all collective security systems and soon— Big nuclear bang».

“Of course, Russia will never allow such a development of events. <…> Moreover, unlike the American establishment, which wants the end of our Motherland, Russia wants to see the United States as a strong and smart country <…>. A state that tries to solve its many internal problems, and does not undermine the development of other countries, — concluded Medvedev.

Since the end of February, the United States has imposed several packages of sanctions against Russia, including blocking the assets of the Central Bank, a ban on the import of Russian oil and gas, a restriction on the export of microelectronics, as well as personal restrictions against the country's leadership, businessmen and heads of companies. The Russian Foreign Ministry called these sanctions illegal and reported on the preparation of retaliatory measures. In particular, Russia has already imposed personal restrictions against 13 high-ranking US officials, including against President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin.

According to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, the United States is trying to form a unipolar a world in which the agenda is determined by the strongest, that is, Washington. “America strives for <…> the creation of one American village, so that the world becomes an American saloon, where the strongest orders the music, & mdash; he said. However, according to Lavrov, Moscow does not accept a world where the US will act as a “global sheriff.” He noted that although NATO and the EU have become dependent on Washington, “many countries do not want to follow Uncle Sam's orders.”

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