MAHALIA – Proud of me

feat. Little Simz

I’ve never been religious
Instead my mother showered me in kisses
thirteen with a big dream
Daddy said I could be anything
So, I looked to the stars, found an acoustic guitar
Started lining, wrote a couple songs
and people heard them, now they sing along
My friends used to say
I bet you can’t wait for the wait
Everyone’s gonna know your face, mate
Let me talk specifically
That don’t mean shit to me
Wanna keep this piece of me to myself
Oh, I don’t need your publicity
all up in my business
That right there’s a sickness
keep it to yourselves

Mother, father, I wanna make you proud
Brothers and sisters, let me scream out loud
I, I, I, I love you all
I, I, I, I love you all
Thank you for everything
I, I, I, I love you yeah yeah yeah

I didn’t just fall out of the sky

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