Mabel Greer’s Toyshop – More And More lyrics

Well I’ve been all around Chicago
And I’ve been all around New York
Haven’t found a bit yet that feels like home
Better keep on searching and just go it alone

I travelled east, I travelled west, is it fun or just a test?
Can you always see something new?
Or are you just running from the truth?

City life, of fun and spice, urban scene, adman’s dream
Play the game to get more and more
You’ll find it here you’ll find it in our store

I bought my soul from a Macy’s counter
Red white and blue in a cotton binder
When I crossed the street to Saks
Changed my mind and gave it all back

Well the girl put out to me, thought I might buy her wares
It was only a glass bottle with an ounce of coloured smells
She tried so hard to catch my eye
I was good at being vague with a staring to the sky

Staring at my pocket she just saw another sales docket
One more shot at the guy with a lot
How could she know I’d given away all I got

I woke up in Japan was it just another plan
A diversion from aversion or was it always a scam

No just an escape from a game that’s become very tame
It’s just a flight out in the night in my minds aeroplane

Do you like this town I said with a frown
Can I cheer you up she said like a clown
Just a spray, no need to pay
But see how you feel, you see if it’s real

I offered my hand but she just tipped it
I ran fingers across her lipstick
A word in your ear my beautiful seller
Step down just a moment from being a go-getter

Close your eyes to this town, drift far away
To a place without gadgets, without perfumes and fabrics

No, just escape from a game that’s become very tame
Just a flight out in the night in my minds aeroplane

Come through the gates, don’t be late
We need to sell you more and more and more and more…

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