Lukashenka called integration with Russia a way to become “stronger than sanctions”

Lukashenko: integration of Belarus and Russia will help to become “stronger than sanctions and diktat” Putin and Lukashenko exchanged congratulations on the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Russia and Belarus, noting the importance of mutual integration

Alexander Lukashenko

Belarus and Russia are expanding and deepening integration in order to be stronger than sanctions and diktat. This was stated by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in his congratulations to Belarusians and Russians on the Day of Unity of Peoples, the press service of the head of state reports.

“In order to be stronger than sanctions and diktat, we are expanding and deepening integration between Belarus and Russia. A big step forward has been made: a large-scale package of allied programs has been adopted, practically equal economic and trade conditions have been ensured, as it should be between fraternal peoples, — Lukashenka's congratulations say.

The Belarusian President noted that the holiday symbolizes the “indestructible brotherhood of the two peoples.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin also congratulated Lukashenka on the Day unity of the peoples of the two countries. He noted that the implementation of the agreements reached would create conditions for strengthening the positions of Russia and Belarus in the international arena.

“This undoubtedly meets the fundamental interests of our fraternal peoples and is really important given the tense international situation,” — Putin added.

April 2 is the annual holiday— The Day of Unity of Peoples, established in honor of the signing in 1996 of an agreement on the creation of the Community of Russia and Belarus, which was then renamed the Union State of Russia and Belarus.

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