Lil Tracy – Mackbook Flexin Lyrics

[Intro: yung bruh & Vim shadows]
Trappin of my fucking Mackbook goddamn, fuck
What the fuck you mean?
Ay shoutout yung bruh
Trap, flexin, damn yee
Ay shoutout that nigga Kemet Dank foreverboys man…
Yung bruh shoutout my nigga Vim shadows
Vim shadows shawty
Daaaamn Aaaaaah ah okay, okay, flexin, uuuh goddamn

[Verse1: yung bruh]
Trappin of my Mackbook (Huh, huh)
Trynna get my racks up (Huh, huh)
Run up you get glocked up (Huh, huh)
Time to put a mask on (Huh, huh)
Pussy nigga backup (Huh, huh)
I’m smoking on a fat one (Huh, huh)
Your bitch wanna be with us (Huh)
Give her shrooms then she see stuff (Huh)
Dirty Vans fuck dem days bitch (Huh)
Drop a tablet, trip for days bitch (Huh)
Cuz I used to be a slave bitch (Huh)
Now they buildin up a case bitch (Huh)
Trynna lock me in a cage bitch (Huh)
So broke out into a rage bitch (Huh)
Give a fuck bout being famous (Huh)
Me and my girl in to the days in (Huh)

[Hook: yung bruh]
LSD trappin got no tab on me
Never fuck about a bitch where this castle lead
Thrift shop shawty my swag OD
I’m fuckin on your daughter bitch a bed no need
Yung goth nigga trappin hard on a Mackbook
I need a real bitch that don’t care about my cash
I’m thuggin and I’m positive I’m [?] get yo [??]
I’m emotionally slanging LSD of my Mackbook

[Verse2: yung bruh]
Mackbook trappin
Trappin of my Mackbook
LSD slanging
[?] of the Mackbook
Mackbook, Mackbook Uhmmm fuck
Trappin, Trappin
Bitch I need some money, Bitch I need some money

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