Lil Keed – Realest One Lyrics

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Smashing in the building everytime I walk in the room
Smashing in the hellcat, smashing on these hoes
Coming through, in Aventador it’s a two-seater, woah
I’m flying far, far, away

Yeah you know you hear the ? it ain’t even gotta be raining
No, I don’t got time to ? ? get money when it’s raining
Two sunroofs in the whip, shit, I’m looking up when it’s raining
Nigga shoot, but I ain’t aiming, til I got the cash and got famous
Hundred shots, he got graded, got a whole lot of dead faces
Now he shopping at Macy, I got Gucci slides with no laces

Yeah, I got these racks up, piped up on your bitches
Yeah, too many hoes I need rubber bands on this shit
Yeah, I just pulled up on my bitch from Baltimore
Yeah they hating on me cause I got em skinny clothes

All this foreign drip on me I’m killing all these boys
All these fashion designer tryna put me in they stores
Pulled up with thugger thugger in Aventador
Took some thousand dollar pants and cut em into shorts
Then I took your hoe and bent her all over the Porsche
Aye, yeah yeah, I get a whole lot of bands, I get to the motherfucking cream, shit
And I’m pocket cripping, but my brother on bling
Yeah, I let them fuck boys talk, they ain’t do shit to me
I caught that hoe in the rain, put that lil hoe on the screen
I put racks in my seams, smoking racks not russian cream, I put racks on the table and I put her on her knees, yeah the demons the devils so I’m tearing up the streets, tell em brand new RP’s, imma itch it like a flee

Whoo, heard that your crew be lacking
Balmain boots, they taxed
Yeah I got them out of Jeffrey, yeah I shop at Sachs
Then I take her to the crib, then I bring her back
Nigga crew hopping, so you know you got shot by that
Play with Lil Keed bag, you get shot by that
Yeah I got rich, but came from rags, ain’t y’all know bout that
I hit the club, I’m ? ?, yeah I’m dispersing that
Yeah, I’m a big dawg dawg, I can’t wait to finish
Yeah my boys spaz out, oh yeah you don’t wanna get into that
Yeah I’m passing like I’m Paul, yeah I’m ditching that
I was in the BP, not the Exon, gang we the real one, yeah

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