Leap into the future, coal as a gift. 10 original ways to celebrate the New Year

Celebration of the New Year in Russia is surrounded by long-standing traditions and stereotypes: & nbsp; Olivier salad, herring under a fur coat, tangerines, Blue Light, Irony of Fate, champagne for battle chimes after the President's speech.

Someone likes this order of things, but there are those who want to try something new. It is not difficult to do this, since in the world of options for celebrating the New Year there is a great variety – perhaps even more than recognized states on the globe. It is clear that not everything can suit the Russians due to the mentality, as well as the peculiarities of the climate. But there are options quite affordable, allowing you to experience new festive sensations.

Method one. Pour water out of the window at New Year's midnight

This option is widely practiced in Cuba. In the simplest version, it looks like this: & nbsp; the glass is filled with plain water, not champagne. When the clock strikes midnight, the contents of the glass should be poured out the window. At the same time, it is not worth breaking the dishes, so as not to knock down again into Russian customs.

The meaning of the procedure, according to the Cubans, is as follows: as clear and clean.

In general, in Cuba, water is poured into the windows not only from glasses, but from cans and buckets, and if this generous stream falls on someone's head, then the drenched one is not offended, but rejoices .

But in Russia, of course, it is worth making an amendment to the conditions & mdash; & nbsp; if someone in Siberia at a temperature of “ minus 30 '' pouring a bucket of water on your head from the 10th floor is unlikely to cause delight.

Method two. Kiss blindly at the festive table

This method of celebration, practiced in Bulgaria, is suitable only for prepared companies. Throwing kisses at people without warning is fraught with great trouble. In Bulgaria, everything happens like this: & nbsp; exactly at New Year's midnight, the lights go out in the houses, and everyone present begins to kiss. And it doesn't matter at all who is with whom & mdash; relatives and strangers, men with women, as well as men with men. After kissing for good luck the mistress of the house is cutting a birthday cake, and here you have to be careful too – ” it is customary among Bulgarians to put “ surprises '' in it. If you come across a sprig of a rose, then this is for love, if a coin, this is for wealth. & Nbsp; In general, if you have friends and acquaintances who are ready for such experiments, then go ahead!

Method three. Find love in the lottery

As in the previous case, you will need a company of men and women who are ready for adventures. It is desirable that it was about people who are not in a relationship. They can be invited to celebrate the New Year in Spanish.

In the country of bullfighting and fiery dances on New Year's, young people and girls write their names on scraps of paper, which they then draw out like lottery tickets. This is how pairs of “ suitors '' are defined. and brides. This kind of 'love at first sight' lasts, according to tradition, until the end of Christmastide. & nbsp; But no one bothers to continue the relationship, begun in such an original way, and further.

But if you are already a family person, then the Spaniards have a New Year's recipe for you & mdash ; & nbsp; in the central square of the city exactly 12 o'clock, when the clock starts striking, you need to eat grapes. Each grape represents one month of the coming year, and if you eat 12 berries while the clock strikes, this guarantees the fulfillment of your most cherished desire.

Method four. Throw old things out of the house

Italians & nbsp; for the most part & nbsp; have sympathy for Russians, and Russians & mdash; & nbsp; for Italians. Therefore, it is quite logical to use the Italian recipe for celebrating the New Year. According to Italian tradition, before the clock strikes midnight, old and unnecessary things should be thrown out of the house so that they remain in the outgoing year with all the hardships and troubles.

What exactly to throw away depends only on the imagination of the celebrant. In Italy, it is not recommended to walk under the windows of houses on New Year's Eve, because something very weighty can easily fly out from there, right down to the grandmother's sofa.

It is clear that in Russia such “ surprises '' Not everyone is ready, so you should act carefully.

Well, if you are not ready to throw something through the windows, just give your loved one red underwear & mdash; & nbsp; among Italians, red is considered a symbol of renewal.

The fifth method. Smash the grenade against the wall of the house

If at New Year's midnight you go out into the courtyard and launch a grenade at the wall of the house, it is unlikely that someone will blame you for this – they will think that the person was celebrating at an accelerated pace. But you will celebrate the New Year like a real Greek. According to Greek tradition, on New Year's Eve midnight, the owner of the house must break a pomegranate fruit against the wall. If the seeds are scattered throughout the yard, a happy life awaits the family in the coming year.

It is unlikely that anyone will want to receive a New Year's gift in the form of a mossy stone in Russia, and such a present can easily lead to a quarrel. But the Greeks, who are presented with stones, rejoice – they know that this is a desire for increased prosperity. It is believed that the heavier the stone, the more money will be next year from those to whom it was presented.

Sixth method. Give a friend a piece of coal

If you come to a friend's house and hand him a piece of coal, then & nbsp; at least & nbsp; there will be questions. And here it is worth immediately explaining to him that you are simply congratulating you on the New Year, like a true Scotsman. Scots on New Year's Eve visit each other with a piece of cake, a glass of wine and a piece of coal. It is not a matter of the Scots' tight-fistedness, although there are jokes about the thriftiness of this nation. Coming with such gifts, you wish the owners prosperity & mdash; a lot of food, drink and warmth. But, having shown such originality, it is still better to have with you a gift, which is more familiar in our area. Just in case.

Method seven. Prepare rice porridge instead of Olivier

If, instead of a traditional salad, your guests see rice porridge on the festive table, there will be many assumptions. You may be suspected of being a vegetarian, an adherent of a healthy lifestyle, or a supporter of returning to the customs of Ancient Russia.

You just explain with a smile that you are celebrating the New Year in Finnish. It is rice porridge & mdash; traditional New Year's food of the inhabitants of this country. Plum jelly is served with porridge.

If someone remains dissatisfied, you can pour him a rod, explaining that this is how the good New Year's wizard Joulupukki greets the disobedient on New Year's Eve.

Method eight. Throw old receipts on the road

If on New Year's Eve you throw out a bunch of old bills for various goods and services on the street, you may be considered a bully who does not respect the work of street cleaners. Or think that you are in serious trouble at work and do it out of desperation. But this is just a way to celebrate the holiday like a real Argentinian. In Argentina itself, they do not really remember when and how this tradition was born, but they sacredly observe it. Before the holiday, old calendars, receipts, letterheads and other unnecessary documents fly out of the windows onto the street. And all this is happening so intensely that the streets are literally covered with layers of paper. The subsequent cleaning & mdash; & nbsp; lesson is no less fun.

Method nine. Release live carp into a river or any other body of water

Here, of course, you have to try. First, find a carp, and then also find a reservoir on New Year's Eve, where poor fish can be released without the risk of killing it immediately in low temperatures. But the game is worth the candle, because, according to Vietnamese beliefs, a deity swims on the back of a carp, capable of providing you with good luck for the next year. And in general, you will definitely not forget the New Year with live carp.

Method ten. Jump into the New Year

This is an unusual option, but & nbsp; by and large does not require additional costs. In Germany, Denmark and a number of other European countries, in the coming year, take jumping in.

A stool, chair, stepladder, and in general any stable object that can be climbed is suitable for this.

You need to climb the dais at the first strike of the clock, and with the last one you should jump into the New Year with a joyful cry, leaving the past behind. There is no need to set records in length and height, the very fact of the “ transition '' is important.

Happy New Year, no matter how you meet it!

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