King Ogundipe – Book Of Jobs Lyrics

f*ck this job I hate this job i’m off the clock
I need this job cause i don’t wanna jugg and rob
Sorry bout the outburst boss
But i’ma cuss my ass off till I’ma nasa
Lifting off and on a cloud
Im apathetic after loud
Tired as my mommas
And my papas
After raising up the problem child
Liable to lie to you
Then tell the truth
Like i just cleared my conscience
Not too long ago
You happy hoe?
Jiminey cricket my nose grow
Like pinnochio
I just thought i’d let you know that everything it comes and goes
So you don’t have to worry no
More cause i gotchu
I’m a motherf*cking star f*ck what thought
Need to get this cash from other sources get me payed more
Magazine center fold call a nigga playboy
Juke box hoaxes knock em off they high horses
You mad i’m fortunate
Im glad you focused cause the king is the dopest
Delta 9 Tetra hydra cannaboid boy bitch

Please I don’t wanna jugg and rob
Please I don’t wanna jugg and rob
Please I don’t wanna jugg and rob
Please really think I need this job

I know some juggers and robbers comitted to stealing
Finesse as a mission
To get up they riches
No matter who get licked
But i got different ambitions
I’m finna be famous

You willing to listen
Lets get up and get it
I’m tired of doubtin
Get lit like candles on a birthday cake
My paycheck coming soon wheres my happy face
I’m seventeen but the judges put me in first place
We all say things we’ll do but we don’t sometimes
That short film missed its mark
With all the girls and the guys
Tell me Is it better to quit or get fired
I’m fresh so I’m hired
Until i do not desire
And I’mdraped in designer
Like the other rappers are


Its all about the principle
Of not having to sit down with
The principal
In high school or middle school
Cause now its coming to a close
And I just want some clothes
On my back and a swimming pool
Filled with what scrooge duck
Was swimming in you dig?
I dig too …out the pockets
Of white collar workers
Who keep cubicles
My work ethic
Is terrific like the words white people use
I just wanna shock the world like pikachu i choose you
Electric chairs panda bears work clothes from a whole foods
Take a shower moisturizer dog groomer groom who
Gems and jewels people fuel a ton f*cking brain food
Exclusive but inclusive thats the f*cking royal juice crew

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