Kedmi explained the Kremlin’s tactics towards Ukraine: no need to send troops

“It itself is rotting and itself is destroyed”

The warnings from Washington, London and Kiev that Russia is grouping troops and is about to attack Ukraine have nothing to do with reality and contradict the essence of Moscow's policy towards the neighboring country. This is the opinion of Yakov Kedmi, an Israeli diplomat and political scientist, former head of the Nativ special service.


Since October & nbsp; leading American and British media have written many times that Russia & nbsp; allegedly & nbsp; grouped troops on its western borders to attack Ukraine. Some Kiev politicians also spoke about this. No evidence of military preparations was presented. Moscow has repeatedly denied the existence of such plans in relation to Ukraine. Commenting on this information hysteria, Yakov Kedmi on the air of the program “ Right to Know! '' on the TV Center channel said it was initiated by the United States, which launched it “ out of stupidity. ''

“This is purely American handwriting. I don't know what's going on with their brains there. They are unable to learn and draw conclusions from what happened before, '' said Kedmi.

According to him, if the United States really fears Russia and Putin, it should have studied the tactics of the enemy. “ Putin has always acted and is acting unexpectedly. Just as it was with the Crimea and in Syria … His tactics are always unexpected, '' the expert said.

Assessing the tactics of the Russian leadership, Kedmi noted: “ Russia is not going to accumulate troops and send troops to Ukraine, because you don't need to. ''

According to the expert, the situation in Ukraine will change due to the “ natural development of events ''. “ It will ripen and fall by itself. Ukraine itself is rotting and itself collapsing, going from one catastrophe to another, '' said Yakov Kedmi.

If someone, he said, decides in Russia to “ remove power in Ukraine by military means, he will not bring in troops for this. ''

“ To bring it (Ukraine. – 'MK') to a different state, it is necessary to destroy the Ukrainian army, – said the political scientist. – In order & nbsp; to destroy the Ukrainian & nbsp; army, no need to send troops to Ukraine. In general, troops are not needed there. Without even one Russian soldier crossing the border of Ukraine, the Ukrainian army will cease to exist from five to ten hours. … For the Russian army, for any modern army, this is not a problem. Why bring in troops? It will crumble itself like a house of cards when there is no army. '' “ The only thing is that there will be a crush at the airport, on the roads and in the Odessa port, who will board the steamer faster, '' the political scientist joked, apparently hinting at the recent events at the Kabul airport after the Americans left it.

For USA, considers & nbsp; Kedmi, Ukraine & mdash; a consumable they don't think about. “ For them, this is a geographic space that you need to climb into in order to be closer to the heart of Russia, that's all, '' the expert concluded.

The US behaved in the same way in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya. “ There were stupid people in Afghanistan, but have they grown wiser here? '' he asked rhetorically.


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