KC Rebell – Anhörung (English Translation) Lyrics

[Intro: Judge speaking before the hearing begins]
Hearing of the defendant Hüseyin Köksecen
You relinquish your lawyer und conduct your own case
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law…
Do you want to testify? (I will testify)
We want to sound you on some charges

„Too many offences occasioning bodily harm, too low inhibition threshold.“

[KC Rebell]
You call that “bitch slap” where I’m from
Too many assholes act like kings
Sniff a gramm of cocaine and feel like they were Rambo
They didn’t learn anything about respect in their life
I avoid everything, but I don’t look away if I see it
I’m really not interested, but if you don’t make a stand
These people will mistake kindness for weakness

„Your criminal record includes aggravated robbery“

[KC Rebell]
You do a lot of things in your youth, if you need the dough
And, moreover, the appreciation was missing in this hell hole
But taking away other people’s bread is disgraceful
I was a piece of shit, now I get it
As my father told me, maturity comes with age

„Your environment is dangerous, the faces are known.“

[KC Rebell]
Yes, they are gangsters, but you can’t change that
They are not like you, their life is damn hard
Still, you shouldn’t paint them with the same brush

„People say you are homophobic.“

[KC Rebell]
I don’t use the back entrance, if you can get in from the front
I dont’t care, they should do it how they want to
But Reb-Rebell is 100 percent dick into vagina

„Let us have your comments about misogyny.“

[KC Rebell]
I’m dominant, but mysogynistic? No!
The problem is, man and woman change their roles nowadays
Too many men sold their pride to women
That doesn’t make sense, that’s crap and jabbering
For example, nothing is as great as my respect for my mother
Her word is my law, her smile is my victory
Her life means peace, her tears mean war

„Is that right, you are poisoning the youth?“

[KC Rebell]
Cliché, I just take a pen and bleed
I hide them inside of me, those crises in stomach
I use the music to open my valve and let it out
They love me and think: this guy is just like we are

„Seems like the kids can relate to you“

[KC Rebell]
Yes, right, your kids give a fuck about Abi
Point at me and say:”That right there is our Abi!”
They do what I say, not what you say
They scream “Reb-Rebell”, as if it was Hitler-german

„And you like that? What’s praiseworthy about that?“

[KC Rebell]
Why not? I’m no criminal drug dude
Also no junkie like Sido, who misdirects them
Only angry from time to time, because even I feel bad
I got problems, too, I have family, too
My ex is a bitch, I have crises, too

„And why do you pulpify rappers?“

[KC Rebell]
Sorry, but the other rappers make it easy
Live in a small town, talk about ghettos
Talk shit, that their life is lawless
Everything’s repetitive, they talk some kind of street german

„That’s correct and what about Money Boy?“

[KC Rebell]
Huh, what I did to Money Boy is where opinions differ
But somehow, this shit was my opinion
Embarassment in the form of millions of clicks
For a short moment, my vision was fucked up
I felt so offended in the name of rap
Had to show those people: this shit is so embarassing
My song send him back to his hobby-mic
This is rap, there’s copyright on this stamp

„You have taunted in Vienna, said something there“

[KC Rebell]
Yes, I was on stage, screaming: RAF Camora is alive!

„You are anti everything and swim against the tide.“

[KC Rebell]
I will die, but don’t sell my soul to Shejtan
Resistance, I rather bleed everyday
Than be a puppet and do what you say
I don’t deny myself, that would be honorless
I am a rebel, I am the opposite pole
And if I stop selling CD’s by tomorrow, that would be too bad
But I can tell my mirror image: I was honest!

Record finished, you as a citizen have rights
And, just like that, you have boundaries and laws
It would be better, if you appreciate and respect them
That’s it for now, unless you want to add something
Maybe you want to report about something?

[KC Rebell]
Yes! Fuck the judge, only god can judge me!

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