Japan overtook Russia in military spending: experts assessed the consequences

“Preparedness for a Potential War in the Pacific”

Japan's defense budget for fiscal 2022 is increased by more than 1% compared to 2021. Officially, it is 5.4 trillion yen ($ 47.2 billion). It exceeded Russia's defense budget. According to experts, this is a remarkable fact, since it testifies to the revived military ambitions of the Land of the Rising Sun, which suffered a crushing defeat in World War II.

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In principle, Russia might not be too worried about the military spending of its eastern neighbor. Well, she overtook and overtook. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu recently said that in terms of the military budget, Russia is actually in 9th place among the leading countries of the world. The United States is ahead with a budget of $ 775 billion for 2022. Then China, which is still 2-3 times behind the United States in terms of military spending, but 5 times ahead of Russia. Ahead of us are Great Britain, France, Saudi Arabia … It is believed that the defense budget of the Russian Federation is about $ 45 billion.

But in the case of Japan, there is one circumstance that should not be forgotten. This country has territorial claims against Russia. It openly claims 4 islands of the Kuril ridge, which Russia got after the Second World War.

And Japan is also the closest ally of the United States. There are dozens of American military facilities on its territory. The armed forces of Japan and the United States are so closely linked that they can be viewed as a single military entity that poses a threat to us in the Far East strategic direction.

Recently, for example, a representative of the Japanese Embassy in Moscow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry in connection with with Japanese-American naval exercises in the area of ​​the island of Hokkaido.

In total, there are 94 American military bases on the Japanese islands. The grouping of American servicemen is more than 50 thousand people. The US annually spends about $ 9 billion on the maintenance of its military infrastructure in Japan. And it is likely to increase in the coming years in connection with the US plans to contain China, well, and Russia, of course. American carriers of nuclear weapons are based at the airfields of Japan, capable of striking our Far Eastern cities.

The well-known political scientist Semyon Bagdasarov commented on the next diplomatic demarche of the Russian Foreign Ministry regarding Japan. This time, a representative of the Japanese embassy in Moscow was protesting in connection with the exhibition in Tokyo dedicated to the South Kurils and the Japanese-American exercises Resolute Dragon 2021.

Pacific Ocean, – wrote Bagdasarov in his Telegram channel. – Japan will in no way come to terms with the fact that the islands were transferred to the Soviet Union as a result of World War II. And the United States is actively working with allies not only on the western borders, but also in the east. So we get problems on all fronts. ”

So, we should watch the military preparations of Japan especially carefully. And at the same time to strengthen its Pacific Fleet. It is no coincidence that a series of six Project 636.6 diesel-electric submarines armed with Caliber long-range missiles is being built for it. Nuclear-powered missile carriers of the Borey-A and Yasen-M projects are also being built. Some are armed with Bulava intercontinental missiles, while others are armed with invulnerable Zircon hypersonic missiles. So, presumably, until the “second Tsushima”, when the Japanese fleet sank the Russian squadron, it will not reach the Pacific Ocean.

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