Jae Tips – River Road Lyrics

First I love you then I hate you then I love you again
After the second time I call
I think we better as friends
I know im petty
Being petty
Made me have to pretend
How it would feel being with you
And how sweet is yo kiss
I know yo boyfriend ain’t at home
I don’t say that to diss
I got a whiff of yo body
Since that moment I tripped
I want yo loving
Tho yo loving seems to come with a price
I’ll pay it you my favorite
Hope you staying the night

Still deciding if you riding or you still on the prowl
I know you want me but you rather hit the city and Tao
With your friends
They really get you and they holding you down
So many niggas wish they had you but you shutting them down

Seems like you comfortable
With living
Going out with no restrictions
Nobody asking where you at
Nobody asking when we chilling
I been plotting on revealing
But I hate to be the villain
I know the sky was one the limit
But your colthes stuck on the ceiling
I wish I was ya man
But that ain’t a option
I would take you shopping
But you rather money
You ain’t no gold digger
But you value time
Spent alone
At this space you at life
You just want ya phone
To scroll the gram
Wine bottle yo other hand
I’m trying fill a space
Not just penetrate
But if we had a dinner
I’m sure
I’ll feel it’s worth the wait
I’ll feel it’s worth the wait

First I love you then I hate you

I just like you too much
After the second time I call you
I think I’m calling too much
We been bonding we been chilling
I don’t just wanna f*ck
But I’ll take it if you give
And keep it all on hush
I been yearning for yo body
All I want is yo touch
All I wanted was yo number
Everything else been a plus
All yo pillows is plush
This more then a crush
More then feeling
More then some lust

{ Cito Blanko}

There’s a thin line between love and hate

If someone ever played with your emotions than you can relate

You playing candy crush while I’m playing Candy rain

Trying find the right song to explain how I feel
I admire your soul for real

But The way you guard
Your heart is a skill

I want meet
Your mother
Your father
Your brother
Your sister

I had thoughts about
Being your

But that gives
You nightmares
Of a wedding ring

Don’t worry I don’t
Want your last name
To be mines

I just enjoy your time
So I’ll pay for dinner
……that’s fine

I wonder when your
Going realize
That your trauma not a sin

Free yourself from
The past
Instead of asking
For wine in your glass

But I get refill too

So I can toast to me and you

In couple seasons I’m Just going be a story on your feed

We going remind each other of how we used each n other as scapegoat for demons to breathe

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