Is it true that marriage or the birth of a child will be registered in any registry office?

From December 30, you can register a marriage and the birth of a child in any & nbsp; registry office. Corresponding changes were made to Federal Law No. 143 'On Acts of Civil Status'.

Previously, the extraterritorial principle was applied only in relation to marriage. Also, the birth of a child could be registered only at the place of his birth or at the place of residence of the parents, and to dissolve the marriage & mdash; at the place of residence of the spouses or state registration of marriage.

What acts of civil & nbsp; status can be registered & nbsp; in any registry office? & nbsp;

According to the amendments to the law “ On acts of civil status '', state registration is now carried out by any registry office & nbsp; at: & nbsp;

  • birth;
  • marriage;
  • divorce, adoption;
  • establishment of paternity;
  • change of name;
  • death.

Birth or death data contained in the registry office will be transferred to the Russian Ministry of Health. In addition, the regions were empowered to determine the procedure for entering into a marriage in a solemn atmosphere.

How is the registration of marriage at the registry office going?

You can apply for marriage registration 12 months before the expected date. This must be done at least one month before the selected day. Citizens wishing to get married can submit a joint application electronically on the State Services portal or fill out a paper application form and personally submit it to the registry office.

You can get married:

  • Russian citizens, foreigners, stateless persons;
  • by mutual agreement;
  • unmarried;
  • from 18 years old;
  • from 16 years old for good reasons & mdash; pregnancy, fatal illness or if recognized as fully capable, i.e. employed.

Is it possible to register a marriage on the day of application?

In the presence of special circumstances (pregnancy, childbirth, immediate threat to the life of one of the parties and other special circumstances) the marriage can be contracted on the day the application is filed.

Where and how to get a child's birth certificate? & Nbsp;

A birth certificate must be issued within a month after the child is born. It is better to issue a certificate as early as possible in order to receive benefits, register maternity capital, subsidies and benefits.

To register a birth, you need to fill out an application, and attach to it:

  • medical certificate about the birth or statement of a witness to a birth outside the hospital;
  • parents' passports;
  • marriage certificate of biological parents to record the father.

If the parents are divorced, the marriage is invalidated or less than 300 days have passed since the death of the spouse, the data on the father will be entered on the basis of the marriage certificate. If the parents are not married, the record will be made according to the mother's words or according to the paternity document.

Both parents or one of them can apply for a birth certificate. Such a service is available on the State Services portal & nbsp; or in the MFC, as well as in any registry office. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

A birth certificate is issued free of charge on the day of application. Together with the certificate, a birth certificate will also be issued. It is valid six months after the birth of a child and is needed to apply for benefits.

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