In the United States, they announced a base in Romania overcrowded with NATO soldiers


As it became known, in Romania, at the Mihail Kogalniceanu military base, which is located near the Black Sea, significantly increased the number of NATO soldiers. Now their number is up to 3000, which means that the database is full. This is reported by, citing The Wall Street Journal.

As follows from the WSJ material, over 1,800 military personnel, about a hundred military vehicles and other equipment have been transferred to the Romanian base in recent weeks.


Of the 3,000 soldiers stationed at the Romanian military base, 1,900 are reported to be US troops (some of them were recently redeployed from Germany), as well as about 500 French soldiers and 300 Belgian soldiers.

The Wall Street Journal quotes a “US Army spokesman” who calls the Romanian military base “an entire city” with its own post office, theater and chain of stores. The serviceman also mentions military exercises regularly held at the base.

The American newspaper reports, citing high-ranking sources in the United States and France, that more additional troops are expected to arrive in the coming months, who will be sent to other Romanian military bases.

On March 24, we recall, in a NATO statement following the summit in Brussels, it was noted that the alliance “will create four additional multinational tactical battle groups in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, as well as strengthen air defense and missile defense systems in Eastern Europe.


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