In the United States compared with the “razor blade” China’s attitude towards Russia

American expert doubts that Beijing will influence Moscow on the Ukrainian conflict

The US continues to critically assess Beijing's position on the Ukrainian crisis. An American expert claims that China is taking a “very narrow path” in the situation with Russia's military operation in Ukraine. According to him, this path becomes “like a razor blade” as the conflict continues.


Military expert says China is taking a 'very narrow path' in terms of how he feels about Russia's actions in Ukraine and predicts that it will be very difficult for Beijing to remain neutral in the conflict, according to Fox News.

Yorktown Institute founder and president, former naval officer and former Undersecretary of the Navy Seth Cropsey told Fox News Digital that China is on a “very narrow path” that will continue to narrow.

“They are on along a very narrow path, having abysses on both sides, they go along a ridge with steep slopes, and the ridge becomes narrower, – assesses the position of the Chinese authorities, Cropsey warns that as the conflict continues, this path “will become like a razor.”

The American expert added that China is in an “uncomfortable position” and has no experience in international mediation. Ultimately, Cropsey said that if China took action to stop Russia's military operation against Ukraine, it would allegedly lead to a “split”; between Beijing and Moscow, which is not in their interests.

“I think that if China wanted Russia to stop doing this and take action, it would lead to what the Chinese don’t want, which is a split between them and the Russians, – says Seth Cropsey. – Therefore, I think that the likelihood that China will throw its weight against Russia in order to end the conflict in Ukraine is small.

The expert also said that there is a big difference between the long-term goals of Russia and China, which cannot be ignored when thinking about the Ukrainian issue. According to him, Moscow aims “to restore Russia's borders to roughly the way they were when the Soviet Union existed,” while, according to Cropsey, China has “much broader ambitions” and “they are not regional, but global.”

“But I don't think you can usefully think about this, the Ukraine issue, without understanding the difference between Russia's and China's long-term goals,” – said Seth Cropsey.

From the very beginning of Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to launch a military operation in Ukraine, Chinese government officials have tried to pretend that they understand each side and do not take a hard line, Fox News recalls.

Chinese Ambassador to Ukraine Fang Xianggong on March 14 told officials in Lvov: “We will always respect your state, we will develop relations on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. We will respect the path that the Ukrainians have chosen, because it is the sovereign right of every nation. Putin against the background of the beginning of the operation of Russian troops against Ukraine. Xi said it was important to abandon the “Cold War mentality” and said he “takes seriously and respects the reasonable security interests of all countries.”

Jake Sullivan, President Biden's national security adviser, threatened March 13 that China will face consequences if it economically supports Russian actions in Ukraine.


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