In Latvia, two people were detained on suspicion of working for Russian intelligence

According to investigators, they transmitted to Moscow information about the armed forces of Latvia and the expansion of NATO's presence in the country

Last year, two people suspected of cooperation with Russian military intelligence were detained in Latvia, about this became known from the materials of criminal cases transferred to the prosecutor's office at the end of 2021. This is reported by Delfi.

According to the State Security Service of Latvia, the suspects met with representatives of the military intelligence in Russia. For both, a preventive measure in the form of detention was chosen.

The first of the detainees, according to the prosecutor's office, “ used the circle of contacts established in the course of his professional activities to obtain, generalize, analyze and transmit information to Russian military intelligence about the combat capabilities, plans and training of the Latvian National Armed Forces, defense procurement and expansion of the presence NATO forces. '' In the case of the second suspect, it is known that he is accused of many years of cooperation with Russian intelligence.

“ The conducted counterintelligence operations are the result of close and productive cooperation between the State Security Service and the Military Intelligence and Security Service, their implementation prevented the further involvement of these persons in activities against Latvia, '' & mdash; the publication quotes the words of Normunds Mezhviets, the head of the State Security Service.

In the summer, the State Security Service detained the deputy of the Latvian Seim, Janis Adamsons, on suspicion of espionage for Russia. In December, the country's Prosecutor General's Office asked parliament to authorize a criminal case against him.

Adamsons worked in the parliamentary commission on defense, internal affairs and the prevention of corruption. The parliamentarian was suspected of transmitting information to Russia over the past four years & mdash; according to Latvian Television, it is about data related to military purchases, budget, amendments to laws and the situation on the eastern border of Latvia. In addition to him, there was another person involved in the case, whose name is still unknown. Delfi notes that two people, whose arrest became known today, do not appear in the Adamsons criminal case.

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