In Kazakhstan, security forces began to join the protesters

In Kazakhstan, police and SOBR fighters began to partly side with the protesters. The rallies continued after the prices for liquefied gas returned to their previous level, and the government resigned


In Kazakhstan, the security forces began to go over to the side of the protesters.

The demonstrators were joined by some fighters of the special rapid reaction unit (SOBR), the footage appeared on Telegram channels. Published by the channel “ Militarist '' footage shows that the security forces are marching in the same column with the protesters.

The police have partly joined the protesters. The footage posted on the Web shows that the police are not obstructing the protests. In the city of Aktobe, they refused to detain the protesters. The police said that “ they are with the people and will not raise their hand [against them], '' reports.

According to the portal, protesters clash with the National Guard forces in the center of Almaty. The protesters stormed the city administration. In total, about 10 thousand people came to the Republic Square, they are armed with rubber truncheons. The security forces dispersed them with the help of flash-noise grenades, writes.

At the same time, some footage from Almaty shows that the protesters are using security forces' equipment to move. Together with them on mashiach people in uniform also go.

The protests in Kazakhstan began after the prices for liquefied gas were doubled in the republic. Later, the owners of gas stations and the authorities made concessions and lowered the cost, but the rallies did not stop. The demonstrators put forward a number of political demands, including popular elections in all regions, the return of the 1993 Constitution and the departure of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev from politics.

The current President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev, said that “ special fault '' is for what happened lies with the government, especially the Department of Energy. He also noted the role of Kazmunaigas companies and Kazakhgaz.

Amid the unrest, the government resigned. In addition, Tokayev instructed to introduce in the republic temporary state regulation of prices for liquefied gas, as well as gasoline and diesel. It will be valid for six months and will limit the cost of fuel in the regions at the level of the end of last year.

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