“I won’t wish it on the enemy either.” Sibiryachka lived for 13 years in the well of the heating main

A resident of Novosibirsk spent 13 & nbsp; years in the well of a heating main, left without a home due to the cruelty of a relative. A year ago, she went blind & nbsp; and, in & nbsp; in fact, she was just waiting for death underground. But & nbsp; her & nbsp; came to & nbsp; help activists of the charity organization “ Mayak ''.

Lost everything

“ What I & nbsp; experienced, I & nbsp; will not & nbsp; wish even the worst enemy. I & nbsp; lost a loved one, my home and & nbsp; even my sight. I & nbsp; & mdash; Shnyrikova Galina , i'm homeless. Lived 13 & nbsp; years in & nbsp; well & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; this is how a new video clip of the Novosibirsk video blogger Dmitry Kabanov begins. He was & nbsp; one of the first to tell the general public about the & nbsp; fate of a 75-year-old woman who was recently actually rescued by activists of the Mayak charity. For & nbsp; survival in a northern city without a roof over her head, she was & nbsp; doomed by the cruelty of a distant relative.

“ I & nbsp; lived without registration with & nbsp; a man of 18 & nbsp; years here near & nbsp; city, & nbsp; & mdash; Galina Shnyrikova tells her story. & mdash; & nbsp; But & nbsp; he & nbsp; got very sick and & nbsp; died in & nbsp; 2008 & nbsp; year. His own nephew, his elder brother's son, just kicked me out. He & nbsp; took all the documents for the & nbsp; house, for & nbsp; everything, although we & nbsp; together bought this house. That's how I & nbsp; stayed on the & nbsp; street. There was nowhere to go & raquo ;.

Video blogger Dmitry Kabanov's video, dedicated to the story of Galina Shnyrikova.

In & nbsp; Novosibirsk, there was no one who could & nbsp; to shelter Galina. Yes, the & nbsp; woman and & nbsp; was ashamed to admit to & nbsp; that she was & nbsp; thrown out of the & nbsp; house. At first, she spent the night on the & nbsp; street, cried and & nbsp; didn & nbsp; know what to do next. With & nbsp; hunger not & nbsp; died only thanks to the help of such & nbsp; the same as she, poor fellows. For & nbsp; for example, at the & nbsp; train station, she was taught to collect leftover food that is thrown away by train passengers. And & nbsp; as the circle of communication expanded, Galina comprehended the “ science '' deeper and deeper. survival on & nbsp; street.

Conditions in which Galina lived for 13 years. Still from the video

Warm “ crypt ''

At the & nbsp; time, the woman worked at the & nbsp; local CHP, where she was engaged in thermal insulation. In the & nbsp; hatch of the heating main, where she once worked, Galina and & nbsp; found her shelter for & nbsp; as much as 13 & nbsp; and a half years. Everything there is teeming with rats, but it is very warm near the pipes, on which you can even cook food. Gradually this place turned into a & nbsp; winter “ hostel '' for local homeless people, whom a kind woman let in without question.

“ Different people at & nbsp; I had, & nbsp; & mdash; Galina Shnyrikova continues her story on & nbsp; frames of the video. & mdash; & nbsp; I accepted & nbsp; everyone, because it's a pity, she's like that. It happened that in the morning you get up & nbsp; & mdash; the dead man lies. It was with me. Got up & nbsp; & mdash; lies nearby. I began to wake the guys up, I said & nbsp; to them: & bdquo; Sanya is not moving & nbsp;. & bdquo; Yes & nbsp; no, he & nbsp; still alive, warm & ldquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; answer. And & nbsp; how it & nbsp; will not & nbsp; be when the pipes are hot. Of course, it will be & nbsp; warm, not & nbsp; cold.

The woman got food from the & nbsp; '' feeders '', as the homeless people call the trash cans. Every day, she herself or with & nbsp; went out of & nbsp; her well on & nbsp; bypassing garbage cans. In addition to leftovers, they collected cans and & nbsp; metal from & nbsp; broken equipment for delivery. Galina also asked for alms in & nbsp; different places of the city, although this occupation her & nbsp; most of all did not & nbsp; like. In & nbsp; mostly she didn’t & nbsp; begging, but & nbsp; just stood quietly with & nbsp; a glass for change in & nbsp; hand.

Galina is packing her things for the move. Still from video

Lighthouse for Galina

The worst thing for her on the & nbsp; street was the punks who do not & nbsp; know pity for the & nbsp; homeless. 'Youngsters' can easily attack and & nbsp; even kill. According to the & nbsp; woman, in & nbsp; past years this was not & nbsp; was. From & nbsp; emotional experiences and & nbsp; unbearable living conditions, Galina gradually lost her sight, and & nbsp; a year ago she was completely blind. Says, from & nbsp; it became very scary. Since & nbsp; September, she didn't even & nbsp; go up the & nbsp; street and & nbsp; lived only thanks to the fact that homeless people brought her & nbsp; food.

A very sad end awaited Galina Shnyrikova, if & nbsp; would not accidentally find out about & nbsp; in & nbsp; the Mayak charity. Recently, her & nbsp; volunteers settled a woman in a & nbsp; hostel, and now she has everything she needs. They promise to start restoring the woman's documents & nbsp; and, if possible, arrange her & nbsp; pension and & nbsp; arrange a boarding house. And & nbsp; Galina is now once again convinced that the world is not & nbsp; without good people.

Galina at the hostel. A still from the video

'People, I am & nbsp; 13 & nbsp; years old homeless and & nbsp; saw everything, & nbsp; & mdash; the woman addresses the & nbsp; viewers at the & nbsp; end of the video. & mdash; & nbsp; Be kind to each & nbsp; friend, we all walk under God. Teach your kids how to handle people. We are & nbsp; the same people as & nbsp; you. Please, I ask you, help each other, help others. Thanks to these people who brought me here. Good health to you. God save you! ''

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