Hungarian Prime Minister Orban compares sanctions against Russia with an atomic bomb

The Hungarian and Serbian leaders also discussed the threat of famine and migration. Vučić warned that a quarter of the world's population could face a food problem due to the conflict in Ukraine /756531414872740.jpg” alt=”Hungarian Prime Minister Orban compared sanctions against Russia with an atomic bomb” />

Viktor Orban

Ill-considered sanctions against Russia are equivalent to an atomic bomb and lead to famine and migration. This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban during a meeting with Serbian leader Aleksandar Vučić, reports.

“All sorts of ill-conceived measures, sanctions against Russia that destroy Hungarian agriculture are equivalent to an atomic bomb.” ,— he said.

Smarter economic solutions are now needed, Orban said, “because otherwise there will be big problems.” He added that Budapest will not accept decisions from Brussels that are economically unsound and will lead to higher prices.

The Hungarian Prime Minister said that in 2020 and 2021 the heroes were nurses and doctors, and the heroes of this and next year will be “farmers who will have to work in very difficult conditions.”

Orban stressed that if they fail to provide people with bread, many of them will leave for other European countries, not only in the hope of a better life, but also in order to survive. He warned that in this case, the migration that has been so far will seem like a “children's fairy tale”; compared to what will happen next.

Vučić, in turn, stressed that more than a quarter of the world's population could face a food crisis due to fighting in Ukraine. This problem could cause a number of others, including in the area of ​​security, he added.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin also said that the EU countries and their residents will face with “intractable consequences” with continued sanctions pressure on Russia.

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