Hungarian parliament compares cancellation culture to ‘spiritual murder’

The speaker of the Hungarian parliament believes that representatives of the culture of abolition refer to democracy and human rights, but in fact “they want to deprive people of freedom and the right” to preserve faith and traditions

Laszlo Kever

The President of the National Assembly (Parliament) of Hungary, Laszlo Kever, criticized the phenomenon of cancellation culture, calling its adherents “spiritual killers”. This is reported by

According to Kever, there is now a “bloodless war”; in which representatives of the cancellation culture “attack the memory of people in the West.” “Their task is to use all existing human differences in an unnatural way, to oppose white to black, Westerner— a resident of the East, a man— woman, young— old, Christian— to a Muslim»,— speaker counts.

According to the politician, this is & mdash; an attempt to “cause amnesia in society”, that is, to achieve the loss of its memory, values, awareness and identity, “so that everyone can be controlled, driven into debt and dispossessed.” Cancellation culture refers to democracy and human rights, but in reality, Kever believes, “they want to take away our freedom and rights.” to preserve faith, traditions and culture.

The culture of cancellation emerged as a way to hold a well-known or influential person or group accountable for legal, social, ethical violations through the withdrawal of support or public condemnation.

After the start of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, a number of Russian cultural figures faced canceling their performances or refusing to cooperate. The Russian authorities began to say that the country was a victim of the culture of cancellation in the West and point to attempts to “undo Russia's achievements”; in the field of sports.

At the end of March, President Vladimir Putin declared that progressive discrimination against everything connected with Russia was developing in Western countries, comparing this to the actions of the Nazis in Germany: “The notorious culture of cancellation has turned into the cancellation of culture. Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff are excluded from concert posters. Russian writers and their books are prohibited. In Russia, according to Putin, it is impossible to imagine such a development of events.

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