How to wean a cat from bullying and eating indoor flowers?

Sometimes animals violate the order that has long been established in the house, and the owners are always sure that the reason lies in the pet's bad disposition. But this is not at all the case, most often the owners themselves are to blame.

Why does not he sleep at night?

It is not enough to take a kitten from the street (buy a pedigree with a pedigree), treat fleas and worms, feed from the belly, offer toys with scratching posts and a cozy rest house. Upbringing should be done from the very first days of the appearance of the mustache in the apartment.

At their core, cats & ndash; predatory mammals. Their non-domesticated wild ancestors obtained their own food, hiding in the grass or shelter in order to quickly jump out, immobilize their prey and eat. Sometimes hunting for a mouse turns into a game, and the cat spends a lot of energy, dexterity and skill to catch it. Therefore, domesticated cats are deficient in movement. Yes, they have a lot of rest during the day, since the biological clock cannot be rebuilt & ndash; I want to eat well even at night, so you need to get up at least early in the morning to refresh yourself. & nbsp; By the way, scientists say that it is harmful for cats to suffer hunger.

Such a “ schedule '', called by cat lovers nothing other than “ tyg-duc '', was laid down in the genes by distant ancestors. It arose for a reason, it's all the fault of & hellip; mice. Living in the wild, they receive close attention from a whole horde of predators: martens, minks, otters, badgers, ferrets, foxes, wolves, birds of prey, wild boars, cranes and storks, wild cats, hedgehogs and snakes. Everyone wants to enjoy a delicious mouse fed on natural feed. That is why mice try to get out of their holes less often during the daytime, it is much safer at night.

Cats have skillfully adjusted to the schedule of their prey, becoming nocturnal predators. The special structure of the visual apparatus allows you to see objects and prey in low light.

We need both a house and a shelter & nbsp;

In the house, the cat must have at least several sleeping places where she can rest, knowing that no one will disturb her at this time. Sociable and tactile animals also need pleasant solitude. House & ndash; the best solution, but in small apartments and for them there is not always a place. And cats begin, in the opinion of the owners, to misbehave: they hide in the closet; under the bathtub, they climb onto the upper shelves of cabinets, combing clothes with their wool. But this behavior only speaks of a desire to retire.

Another thing is & ndash; shelter. The cat loves to play and hide behind the tulle. Lies down on the windowsill and pushes the paw outward, reaching for the artificial mouse. Thin tulle immediately suffers from sharp claws, holes and puffs appear on it. The hostess will start scolding the cat, but it is not his fault: the hunter's instinct forces him to hide during the hunt. It is enough to think over at least one shelter, from under which it will be convenient for the cat to play with toys, to be invisible. For example, cover a sofa or a lower armchair with a cape, and put your favorite toy next to it.

Games & ndash; every day

Night hunting for a cat & ndash; useful physical education. It will not be possible to completely replace it with games, the pet is still at least a little bit, but at night it runs around with its favorite toys. However, it will be possible to slightly shift the regime towards daytime wakefulness.

To do this, play with the cat. This is a very useful activity not only for the cat, but also for the household. The animal gets tired during active games and will no longer “ jump '' around the apartment at night, but for a person it is pleasant minutes of communication with a pet, relieving the most severe stress.

Before the game, the cat must be rested and well-fed; after eating, at least an hour must pass.

The simplest games & ndash; with a ribbon or string. Move it in front of the cat, and he will immediately begin to catch it with his paw. If the animal grasps it tightly, then you should not pull the ribbon too much, the cat can injure its paw. Wait for him to release her slightly. For the most active and strong animals, running with a ribbon along the corridor or room is suitable. They quickly catch up with the ribbon. Cats and cats play well & nbsp; with sticks decorated with bird's feathers, ropes.

& nbsp; Another type of game & ndash; with a tennis ball. Point the ball towards the cat, right under the foot. The quick-witted animals will immediately learn to “ serve '', push it back to you. Cats know how to play this game both in the “ stance '' and in the “ parterre ''. But if the animal begins to play lying down, then this is the first signal of its fatigue. Give him a little rest.

In general, the game should not be long, 10 minutes is quite enough, the animal will play enough during this time and will go to rest. Two & ndash; three of these games are enough for an adult animal. Teach him to be independent: let him sometimes play himself.

Are the flowers tasty?

Sometimes they become interested in flowers and seedlings. Some of them can cause poisoning, for example, lilies, daffodils, lilies of the valley, amaranth, geranium, delphinium, crocus, jasmine, iris, henbane. Try not to grow them at home or in your garden.

Eating indoor flowers is associated with a perversion of appetite, the pet lacks in the diet of some vitamins, minerals, or just fiber that improves digestion. Sometimes cats have pieces of fur in their stomachs without vomiting. Wool accumulates constantly while putting the coat in order. Licking itself with a tongue equipped with small hooks, the pet sends the wool and undercoat inside, swallowing pieces of its own fur coat. Intuitively, the animal feels that the need has come to feast on some greenery. And then he comes across a flower or seedlings on the windowsill. Of course, the cat will certainly treat himself to it. Greens in the form of fiber, once in the gastrointestinal tract of the cat, immediately improves digestion, and the coat comes out naturally.

So an attempt on flowers & ndash; this is also no hooliganism, but a natural habit of cleansing, wild ancestors have always diluted their meat diet, consisting of mice and birds. It has been noticed that they eat some herbs when they feel unwell, instead of taking medications, and recover quickly.


Grow at least oats for a domestic cat, cats have a special predilection for this culture. Even for pregnant cats, it is added a little to the diet to improve digestion. Its young shoots are useful vitamins and microelements, contain folic acid. & Nbsp;

The easiest way to grow oats & ndash; in the ground. Soak oat seeds for 1.5 hours and rinse well. Take any shallow container. Lay the soil on the bottom in a layer of 5-7 cm. Seeds are embedded in the spilled soil shallowly, sprinkle with soil. Cover with cellophane. Do not give low shoots to the cat, wait until they grow up to 15-20 cm. Your purr will gladly treat itself to juicy greens and stop trying to eat flowers.


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