How is the evacuation from Kazakhstan going

The Ministry of Defense has been taking Russians out of Kazakhstan since January 8. On January 2, protests began in the country due to the rise in prices for liquefied gas, which escalated into riots. The RBC correspondent showed how an evacuation flight looks like

The evacuated Russians, journalists and peacekeeping officers flew on board the Il-76 from Alma-Ata to Moscow, the RBC correspondent reports. Upon arrival at the Chkalovsky airfield, those who arrived passed tests for coronavirus.

The Ministry of Defense evacuated more than 2 thousand Russians and foreigners from Kazakhstan, including two diplomats from the embassies of Austria and Hungary with their families.

The evacuation began on January 8 amid protests and unrest in the country. They erupted on January 2 following a sharp rise in the price of liquefied gas. On January 5, rioters seized the Almaty airport, two days later the military took control of it. The air harbor will resume work on January 13.

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