His luck limit. From the biography of the sapper-border guard Oleg Ulevaty

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 51. How much does it cost to celebrate the New Year? 22/12/2021

40 & nbsp; years ago, in & nbsp; December 1981 & nbsp;, at & nbsp; at the very top, it was decided to introduce units of the USSR border troops into & nbsp; the territory of Afghanistan.

They were & nbsp; assigned an area of ​​responsibility up to & nbsp; 100 & nbsp; km along the entire Soviet-Afghan border & nbsp; & mdash; The bandit formations then began to regularly violate our lines, shelling settlements, and mining the territory. Soviet border guards, along with & nbsp; soldiers of the 40th Army, performed their duty in & nbsp; Afghanistan until & nbsp; mid-February 1989 & nbsp; g. Colonel Oleg Ulevaty was one of the & nbsp; participants in those events.

“ The danger was everywhere ''

Vladimir Snegirev, AiF: & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Oleg Vitalievich, I & nbsp; remember my first Afghan experience well. Returning home after a year's business trip “ for the & nbsp; river '', for a long time I could not bring myself to step on the & nbsp; lawn: such was the fear of being blown up by a mine. I walked only on & nbsp; asphalt. And & nbsp; you, sapper, were obliged to walk on & nbsp; grass every day, then & nbsp; is to risk your own life for the sake of others.

Oleg Ulevaty : & nbsp; & mdash; & nbsp; Veterans taught us at the & nbsp; academy. And & nbsp; before & nbsp; this in the & nbsp; school there were also front-line soldiers, very tough teachers. I remember we had training mining: Kaliningrad, rain, puddles. And & nbsp; the teacher says: “ Sons, just talk, you & nbsp; will not crawl in & nbsp; these puddles. This means that when there is a real battle, you & nbsp; will die & raquo ;.

Personnel before the start of the operation in the Marmolsky gorge. & nbsp; Photo: nashural.ru

& mdash; & nbsp; Tell us about & nbsp; your first military exit. About & nbsp; first encounter with & nbsp; real danger.

& mdash; & nbsp; In & nbsp; any exit to & nbsp; execution of a combat mission there is an element of danger. I acutely felt this danger for the first time in the course of the Marmol operation. At that time, significant forces of both border troops and & nbsp; army were involved against the mujahideen. Our, and & nbsp; or rather, my engineering group in the & nbsp; composition of the military forces moved to the & nbsp; indicated area on the & nbsp; direction of entrance to the & nbsp; Tangimarmol gorge with & nbsp; the purpose of checking the terrain and & nbsp; the entire direction to & nbsp; the presence of mines and & nbsp; demining actions.

Having settled in & nbsp; one of the & nbsp; “ pockets '' of the canyon, we covered our location with signal mines. Together with & nbsp; my deputy, senior warrant officer Volodya Kireev, climbed to the & nbsp; hill, there they found dug trenches with & nbsp; rifle cells. The entire bottom of the trenches was strewn with a thick layer of empty shells. These were the positions of the 'spirits'. After that we got down to work. We didn’t have time to pass and & nbsp; twenty meters, as we were overtaken by the army “ Ural '' and & nbsp; here & nbsp; is blown up by & nbsp; mine.

All this is right in front of & nbsp; eyes: cotton, the cabin shook, the front left wheel flies off, the driver falls out. Crazed, shell-shocked, but, thank God, alive. We went very carefully, started cleaning all the way. Afghan sappers worked nearby, but & nbsp; they interfered more. I & nbsp; drove them & nbsp; to the & nbsp; side.

Look, my sapper Sasha Malygin, walking a little ahead, turns around and & nbsp; with his eyes points at the & nbsp; flag stuck by him: there is something suspicious. I & nbsp; take a mine detector from & nbsp; start to drive, and & nbsp; immediately in & nbsp; headphones there is a clear signal amplification. I gave the command to the fighters to move back further, take a bayonet-knife, slowly rake the ground. Soon I see a dark gray body and & nbsp; a bomb shank. & Nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; Was it a Soviet bomb?

& mdash; & nbsp; Yes, ours. Shortly before & nbsp; this “ perfume '' captured cars with bombs near Mazar-i-Sharif. From & nbsp; they made landmines, with which they closed the entrance to the & nbsp; Marmolskoe gorge and & nbsp; the gorge itself.

I began to dig this bomb, I see: the sand at & nbsp; crumbled under my feet and & nbsp; my knees rest right on the & nbsp; pressure cover anti-tank mine TS/6.1. She stood slightly to the side of the & nbsp; body of the bomb.

I & nbsp; on & nbsp; hands slowly wrung out, because in & nbsp; this moment at & nbsp; everything just went cold to me. I understood: if it explodes now, then & nbsp; will blow me to & nbsp; atoms. Then, when I began to continue, sweat flowed from my palms. Such tension. I & nbsp; dipped my palms into the & nbsp; dust, then wiped it off and & nbsp; started to work again. The wires from the & nbsp; land mine went to the & nbsp; side of the entrance to the & nbsp; gorge. Began their & nbsp; cut off the vein behind & nbsp; residential. & Nbsp;

& mdash; & nbsp; Was the land mine controlled?

& mdash; & nbsp; All land mines were controlled. And the & nbsp; mine was installed on & nbsp; just in case the car hits it, then & nbsp; will work like a detonator. By the way, another mine was found under the land mine. Such a trap.

In total, we & nbsp; then defused more than thirty guided landmines, twenty-five anti-tank mines, several booby traps, found warehouses with & nbsp; ammunition and & nbsp; food. The group returned to the & nbsp; base only by & nbsp; midnight and & nbsp; no loss.

'Surprises', & nbsp; bringing death

& mdash; & nbsp; You, being a cadet or student of the academy, studied all these mines and & nbsp; traps? Did you know their & nbsp; strengths and & nbsp; weaknesses?

& mdash; & nbsp; Knew, but & nbsp; there is never a 100% guarantee that in this case you & nbsp; will do everything right. There were always surprises. For example, in & nbsp; volume & nbsp; Marmole drew attention to & nbsp; the fact that there are many Chinese thermos for water lying around. I & nbsp; raised from & nbsp; earth alone, I feel: some he is unusually heavy. It turned out & nbsp; & mdash; there are explosives inside. If & nbsp; would have pressed the & nbsp; lid so that the water would flow out, then & nbsp; would be an explosion. The lid played the role of a lock.

In & nbsp; these dushman kishlaks, there were many objects to which the hand itself reached. They poured TNT and & nbsp; into & nbsp; plastic bottles, and & nbsp; into & nbsp; specially sewn bags made of & nbsp; leather. Therefore, & nbsp; we had the strictest prohibition: do not & nbsp; leave behind various containers. And & nbsp; don't & nbsp; touch anything!

& mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; what did you & nbsp; do with & nbsp; these mines?

& mdash; & nbsp; blew up. Either right on the & nbsp; place, or dragging to the & nbsp; side. When they blew up the land mine, & nbsp; about which I & nbsp; told, a funnel was formed at the & nbsp; place of detonation, & nbsp; into which an armored personnel carrier could fit.

“ Get the fighters first! ''

& mdash; & nbsp; In & nbsp; war & nbsp; each person has their own limit & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; to & nbsp; life, and & nbsp; to & nbsp; death. You cannot endlessly tempt fate. And & nbsp; you & nbsp; by & nbsp; the nature of your work barely & nbsp; did not & nbsp; every day it & nbsp; experienced. Probably there were some superstitions, traditions?

& mdash; & nbsp; Personally, & nbsp; I didn't & nbsp; had any special superstitions. Although here's what I can remember: & nbsp; us in the & nbsp; maneuvering groups, & nbsp; most of the fighters had crosses. Minesweepers were not an exception. I also want to note that there were many cases when some otherworldly force protected you. Pah-pah-pah, so as not to jinx. And & nbsp; all & nbsp; but the main guardian angel was the & nbsp; knowledge that we & nbsp; possessed, and & nbsp; more, so to speak, & nbsp; & mdash; overpowering fear.

& mdash; & nbsp; But & nbsp; how did it happen that you & nbsp; yourself didn & nbsp; save yourself?

& mdash; & nbsp; 1986 & nbsp; year, July. I & nbsp; the operational duty officer in the & nbsp; detachment. The commander says: “ Oleg, take pictures, we are urgently leaving for & nbsp; Imam-Sahib, there is an explosion. ''

Have arrived. There is a minefield. They began to work. One mine was removed, another … I think: I need to take a break, a premonition of some kind appeared. As soon as I put my foot on the & nbsp; ground, it slipped, an explosion sounded. I & nbsp; fall, as clipped, dust, sand … And & nbsp; my head is just between two other anti-personnel mines. The air wave exposed the pressure covers of adjacent mines. They, apparently, were set from the & nbsp; calculation “ do not & nbsp; regret ''. A fighter rushes to me to & nbsp; & mdash; and & nbsp; is also a subversion. This is Igor Nikonov, Sergeant from our engineering platoon, deputy commander. Seryozha Smirnov, his friend, they are from & nbsp; the same city of Bogoroditsk, they studied together at & nbsp; school. Seryozha picks up his friend & nbsp; arms, and & nbsp; explodes again, both fall.

This was the only time in my combat practice when two of my fighters were simultaneously blown up. A part of his left leg was torn off at & nbsp; Sergei, fragments of & nbsp; Igor went along the & nbsp; back, along & nbsp; buttocks.

& mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; what happened to you?

& mdash; & nbsp; Severed a foot.

& mdash; & nbsp; Such injuries mean huge blood loss, painful shock. And & nbsp; to & nbsp; nobody & nbsp; can come & nbsp; & mdash; all around mines …

& mdash; & nbsp; Our officer rushed to me Sergey Agapov, but & nbsp; I & nbsp; shouted to him: “ Back! B & nbsp; get the fighters first. I just decided: if & nbsp; to die, then & nbsp; humanly: to save the soldiers in & nbsp; first of all. & Nbsp; I had a knife, but & nbsp; it got lost somewhere, the guys threw me another one. There was also a vole there.

& mdash; & nbsp; What is a vole?

& mdash; & nbsp; Wire P-274, two-core. I pulled my thigh to stop the bleeding. Then with a knife he cut off a dangling piece of muscle himself. Next, you need to give an anesthetic injection. & Nbsp; I had two syringes & nbsp; & mdash; one with & nbsp; antiemetic drug, the other with & nbsp; promedol. And & nbsp; here I & nbsp; hesitated, it was somehow scary to give myself an injection. And & nbsp; laughter and & nbsp; sin! My foot was torn off, and I'm afraid to give myself an injection. Since childhood I was afraid of injections. Confused, first stuck an antiemetic, then promedol, he crawled to the & nbsp; edge of the minefield, there the guys picked me up. Well, that's all.

& mdash; & nbsp; This, of course, is far from & nbsp; everything. Did you & nbsp; continue the service?

& mdash; & nbsp; Was treated in & nbsp; hospitals & nbsp; & mdash; first in & nbsp; Dushanbe, then in & nbsp; Golitsyn. Already at the end of the treatment, I was summoned to & nbsp; Lubyanka, where the command of the border troops was located. Commander General of the Army Vadim Alexandrovich Matrosov presented the Order of the Red Banner. Then he asks: “ Well, Major, where are you going to serve next? '' I & nbsp; answer him: “ Comrade General of the Army, return me to the & nbsp; detachment. '' By that time I was already accustomed to walking on a prosthesis, I felt good.

Matrosov was also informed on the & nbsp; results of the Marmol operation that Ulevaty worked successfully there. But & nbsp; here he & nbsp; said: “ Everything, Major, you & nbsp; won yours. You will teach now. Our frontier faculty has opened in the Military Engineering Academy. Will you go there '? I & nbsp; gave my consent.

& mdash; & nbsp; And & nbsp; how are the engineering troops equipped now? Surely the & nbsp; probable enemy has new mines and & nbsp; even more insidious traps. Are we & nbsp; for & nbsp; ready?

& mdash; & nbsp; Exactly! Engineering troops have a rich history, having traveled for & nbsp; 320 years a glorious path of serving their Fatherland. These are the most technically equipped troops, with & nbsp; modern technology, qualified specialists. I am sure that my fellow sappers will fulfill any assigned task. I'm & nbsp; on & nbsp; this account is completely calm.

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