Gideon Crow Music – NOLA Blues lyrics

I was making my way down the road
In a story yet to unfold,
My dogs started barking, so I sat down
And kicked off my shoes.

A stranger said “Son, ya carry quite a load,”
Is the journey worth it’s weight in gold?
So I picked up my guitar
And I started singing the blues.

I said, I­ been on this road so long,
Can’t remember quite where it began.
I held on this guitar so hard,
Now it’s my only friend.

I been ramblin’ up and down,
Trying to find an end,
And I aint been home
Sense I can’t remember when.

[musical break]

I been all over the country, coast to coast,
More times than I can count,
Playin’ guitar, drinkin’ and a fussing,
Trying to fight my way out.

I started out at the bottom, not a penny in my pocket,
And let the world do their best.
I came here with nothing,
And I still got most of it left.

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