Germany’s ruling coalition promises visa-free travel for young Russians

The new ruling coalition of Germany plans to significantly revise the country's laws on citizenship and migration. The new legislative initiatives are outlined in a 177-page coalition agreement that was presented last week, DW clarifies.

So, in the section that concerns the countries of Eastern Europe and Russia, representatives of the government coalition of Germany noted the possibility of introducing visa-free entry into the country for Russians under 25 years old. According to German politicians, such a measure should support the development of civil society in the Russian Federation.

“We oppose the comprehensive restrictions on civil and democratic freedoms and expect that the Russian authorities will provide civil society with the opportunity to freely maintain ties with German partners … Our the goal is to create the possibility of visa-free entry from Russia to Germany for especially important target groups, including young people under the age of 25, “the document states.

Recall that the ruling coalition of Germany includes: Social Democratic Party Germany (SPD), Union 90/Greens, and the Free Democratic Party (FDP).


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