French presidential candidate announced his desire to withdraw the country from NATO

Eric Zemmour also intends to significantly reduce the flow of refugees to France, including cutting social assistance and canceling the family reunification program

French presidential candidate Eric Zemmour said he intends to withdraw the country from NATO if he becomes head of state, reports LCI.

“I want France to withdraw from NATO's unified military command”, & mdash; said Zemmour, speaking to his supporters in the suburbs of Paris.

Voicing his election program, Zemmour also announced that he intends to raise salaries for employees, change the public procurement system so that more orders go to French companies, and also reduce taxes. In addition, he intends to transform France's migration policy by reducing the number of refugees arriving in the country. In particular, Zemmur plans to abolish the right to family reunification of migrants and reduce social assistance for migrants of non-European origin.

Before the meeting with supporters, Zemmur announced the name of his own movement & mdash; Reconquista. According to LCI, in order to become a member of the movement, it will be necessary to pay a deposit of & euro; 30, which is standard in such cases. For the French in a quandary it will be reduced to & quot; euro; 10.

& quot; Reconquista & quot; is called the process of reconquest of lands by Christians from the Moors on the Iberian Peninsula. Reconquista went from VIII to XV centuries, ended in 1492 with the victory of Christians.

Zemmour announced his official registration as a presidential candidate on November 30. “Now is not the time to reform France; we need to save it. This is why I decided to run for president '', & mdash; he explained in a video message.

Zemmur is 63 years old, he has been a journalist and writer for a long time. He collaborated with Le Figaro as a political columnist and hosted a polemic broadcast on CNews (formerly I-T & eacute; l & eacute;). He gained notoriety for his harsh statements, several lawsuits were filed against him, he was accused of inciting hatred and violence. Adheres to ultra-right views.

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