Federation Council ratified the CIS convention on legal assistance

The Federation Council approved the federal law on the ratification of the CIS Convention on Legal Assistance and Legal Relations in Civil, Family and Criminal Cases. & nbsp;

The senators adopted this decision during the 515th meeting of the top chambers of the Russian parliament. The decision was taken unanimously.

“ In accordance with the convention, citizens and other persons who live in the territory of any contracting party enjoy in the territories of these states the same legal protection of their personal, property and non-property rights as their own citizens '', & mdash; reminded Senator Elena Afanasyeva, who presented the document.

Citizens of countries that have approved the convention will be able to freely apply to courts, prosecutors, internal affairs bodies, security agencies and other institutions on the territory of these states.

Russia is ratifying the convention with reservations that relate to the peculiarities of the application of national legislation and which are aimed at additional protection of Russian citizens, the senator explained and clarified that the convention is being signed for five years and will be automatically extended if by that time the Russian Federation does not have any objections. & Nbsp;

“ I think that in five years we will be convinced that the ratification of this convention brings more benefits to the citizens of the Russian Federation than non-ratification '', & mdash; summed up Afanasyeva.

Earlier, senators approved a law on criminal punishment for aggressive driving.

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