Eagleman Band – I Wonder lyrics

I wonder what it’s like when this life is through
And my soul takes its flight to be with you.
Will it follow the light through a long dark hole
To a new world that’s home for the soul?

Those who have gone can’t come back to say,
But those on the brink have put it this way.
It’s a marvelous place with no words to describe
The peace and freedom on the other side.

There’s no worldly body with hands to hold,
But in its place a definite form I am told.
No lips to speak when you’re spoken to,
But a transfer of thoughts directly to you.

No legs to walk if someone should call,
But a way to go, even through a brick wall.
In the presence of The Light it’s a wonderful thing.
He radiates love and makes every heart sing.

When my life unfolds on a giant movie screen
And the words and sound show everything
I hope I’ll be able to watch and say,
Lord, I did my best in all work and play.

Yes, I wonder what it’s like when this life is through.

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