Dee Watkins – BackendProblemChild lyrics

Dee Watkins

BackendProblemChild lyrics



Dee Watkins – BackendProblemChild lyrics

Hoppa in the lab
D Major, baby
Ayy, 40, what they doin’?
Ayy, ayy
[Verse 1]
Go get that money, but don’t let it change you
I take them Percocets until I can’t move
The only time they see us on the TV is the news
My ni**as rather post up on the block than go to school
I’m thinkin’ ’bout my brother, he in the penitentiary
Presidential Rollie on my wrist, I feel like Hillary
I can’t fu*k with him ’cause he got pussy ni**a tendencies
I got a hundred rounds in this Drake for all my enemies
[Verse 2: NoCap]
I’m thinkin’ about the struggle, its fu*kin’ with my enеrgy
I’m ballin’ with my brothers, I’m richer than my enеmies
Rolex don’t tick, ni**a
If I want a bomb, I make it
Swear hoes in Tampa, ni**a, treat me like I’m Tom Brady (Tom Brady)
Don’t know why I bought you Cubans
I know when I lose it
I can see you fakin’ your moves
I take that cash and I bury it
Money is the scariest
I don’t care as long as it grew, ayy
[Bridge: NoCap & Dee Watkins
I ain’t [1:12][?]
Same time I went in, I’m losin’ my [?]
I just need money, I don’t need no friends, ayy
Catch me in Chicago with my Glock, I’m [gonna?] win, ayy (Catch me in Chicago with my Glock, I’m [gonna?] win, ayy) (Catch me in Chicago with my Glock, I’m [gonna?] win, ayy)
D Major, baby
[Verse 3: Dee Watkins]
Back up on that bullsh*t, I’m on it, ayy
Them drugs got me movin’ like a zombie (Ayy, boy, what that doin’?)
Put some cash on his head like he an Onyx

Chase that money, that’s the only time I’m runnin’
fu*k them ni**as genuinely
b*tch, it ain’t no fearin’ me
ni**as run they mouth like Charlemagne, that DJ envy me
My lil’ b*tch keep blowin’ up my phone, say she missin’ me
Merry Christmas, b*tch, I sent them shooters through your chimney, ayy
I am fu*k with none of these ni**as
I got drugs in my system, all my brothers in the system, uh
My chopper got a crush on hum, I let them bullets kiss him
And, I’m givin’ you my pain on this fu*kin’ instrumental
[Verse 4: NoCap]
We probably never talk again, she seen me with her friend, ayy
Gave that boy so many shots, I shoulda been a CNA
Real ni**a I stay, even if the rent ain’t paid
For all these Jacksons, and my shooter on a rampage
[?] like that b*tch you tell her right things
Yellow diamonds in her AP, I ain’t talkin’ Vikings
And, it ain’t take nothin’ but a drop to turn my Sprite pink
And, the streets can’t wait till I drop, this sh*t like Visine
fu*k them rappers stealin’ my flow, they nothin’ like me
My grandad was a hustler so that money just in my genes
I hate packin’ my luggage, so I shop when I be landing
I went and bought drugs for everyone that had a [?]
{Outro: NoCap & Dee Watkins]
And, I bought banana clips, my crew full of [pansies?]
I ain’t got no legs, these pussy ni**as, they can’t stand me
She a real b*tch, she hide them Perkies in her panties
Backend Problem Child, we need a hood [granny?]

Dee Watkins – BackendProblemChild lyrics

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