Culture Wise – For The Black Woman lyrics

Women of color your beauty runs deep
Your full lips are so luscious, your dark eyes are so sweet
The tone of your skin comes in many shades
This rhyme is dedicated to the strides that you’ve made…
As the Mother of Civilization and the queens of many nations
The success that you’ve achieved calls for jubilation
So we sing…

You’re so special, and I will always love you black woman, woman
You’re so special, and I will always love you black woman, woman

This song is just for the black woman
This praise has been a long time comin’
We’re giving thanks, for the Mother of The Earth
The black woman is a queen, let me tell ya what she’s worth
She’s strong, she’s bold, the holder of the key
She’ll reign on this Earth till eternity
Don’t reduce the black woman to meat between the sheets
Wit a wham bam, thank ya ma’am, you were a tasty treat
Give ’em love, respect, and there just dues
Listen close black women, this song is just for you

You are so special black woman it’s true, you are so special, this song is for you
You are so special black woman

Dialog: The black woman has gone thru so many trials and tribulations
She’s been stripped of the title of “queen” and the respect of her God given mate… The black man
We as black men must honor and respect the black woman today, as our forefathers did yesterday
We seem to have forgotten the obstacles and barriers black women overcame, so we can enjoy the freedoms we have today….

Harriett Tubman bore a heavy load, leading slaves to freedom on The Underground Railroad
Coretta Scott King marched for many a day in our fight for civil rights and a better way
Betty Shabazz was left all alone, and raised 6 daughters after Malcolm was gone
These are just a few black women, and the contributions they have given
So brothers, give a standing ovation to our mighty black queens of our might black nation….

***Repeat chorus to fade

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