Critical level of terrorist threat introduced in Kazakhstan

A “critical red” regime of terrorist danger was introduced on the territory of Kazakhstan. In this case, the special services can inspect people and things, as well as transport, enter residential premises and listen in on negotiations. Also, a counter-terrorist operation regime has been introduced throughout the country

On the territory of Kazakhstan introduced a 'critical red' the level of terrorist threat, according to Tengrinews. The Telegram-TV channel Mir 24 also writes about this.

Later, the information with reference to the National Security Committee was confirmed by the Kazinform agency. “ An anti-terrorist operation regime has been established in all regions of the country, '' & mdash; added to the committee.

According to Tengrinews, in this situation, the special services are allowed to conduct a personal search and search of things, vehicles, as well as temporarily restrict or prohibit its movement.

In addition, the security forces are allowed to “ freely enter into residential and other premises. '' They can gain access to negotiations or other information transmitted through the channels of telecommunication systems. Full mobilization and combat readiness of all special services is also assumed.


Clashes in Almaty resumed that night, the media reported on the continuation of the counter-terrorist operation in the city. Dauren Abaev, the first deputy head of the presidential administration of Kazakhstan, said that on the part of the “ terrorists '' snipers with special rifles operated in Alma-Ata, Sputnik Kazakhstan reports. According to him, 'terrorists' several times tried to go live on central television. Attacks were carried out on the TV tower “ Koktobe '' in Alma-Ata, but they were recaptured by border guards, Abaev explained.

President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev announced that battles with terrorist gangs are taking place near Alma-Ata on January 5 … According to him, the riots were caused by gangs trained abroad. The President emphasized that it is the terrorist groups that seize buildings and infrastructure facilities, premises with weapons, and also fight with school students.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that during the special operation in Kazakhstan, 26 criminals were eliminated, another 18 “ ; armed terrorists & raquo; injured. A total of 3 thousand people were detained.

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