CNN: US aircraft reconnoitred Donbas

American media report that on December 27, a US Air Force reconnaissance aircraft first collected data over Eastern Ukraine.

Telegram channel Military Observer commented on the post. “ CNN is silent not only about the fact that there were two of these aircraft, but also about the fact that the first reconnaissance flight over the region was carried out by the RC-135W Rivet Joint on December 11, '' wrote its authors. We are talking about the & nbsp; RC-135W Rivet Joint of the US Air Force, which first passed today directly over Kiev, then along the line of contact and the northern borders of Crimea. Then he turned around and began to move in the Crimean direction, then turned around again and continued reconnaissance of the contact line in Donbass.

After that, visits to the airspace of Ukraine became regular.

It was officially announced that border crossings There was no LPR and DPR.

On the eve it was reported that & nbsp; two American intelligence officers worked in the airspace of Ukraine: RC-135V Rivet Joint and E-8C Joint STARS.


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