Chuck Strangers – Style Wars (feat. Joey Bada$$)

[Verse 1: Chuck Strangers]
I wanna thank god for this vibe
I’m just layed up high
Thinking fuck a job I’ll rather boss up on somethin’ I believe in
Sonic aesthetically pleasing
Niggas claiming they the best while Rakim still breathin’
Do your Googles nigga I’m in control of things
God and I move together is two
Manifesting a move steady reppin’ the crew
We warriors with the rhymin’
Shouts to Oakland but the warriors from Coney Island
On them rooftops lit one up for 2Pac
Because this is murder rap
Think how quick we grew up low key insane
My best friend she snort cane guess life is like a dice game
Should I risk it with the biscuit that’s when the cops came
The dynamic of my whole block changed
Yo it’s a John Stark
New York mentality
Faded and miseducated 24 years and made it
Now niggas can express they selves
Times I need to be alone
Turn off the MP shut off my phone and just zone
I think of home when I need to be strong
Been rollin’ up no more hittin’ the bong
It’s different phases I’m on when I be writin’ these songs
You can have my heart sing the tales of the light
That the dark run the dark sing painting prosperity
Chopped and new shipment now I got all my equipment
So now I’m plottin’ on some necklaces
Mercedes or the Lexus shit
You can see it in my eyes I got nigga rich endeavours
They gon’ try to hide and make it sound clever
While a metronome tick like a fake Rolex
I wonderin’ who owns next
I just wanna fuck you
Singin’ ass bitch don’t take the curve personal
I’m just tryin’ not to work with you
I’mma be stuntin’ on all the lame niggas who pass me

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