ChillinIt – Ready for the Pain Lyrics

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I’m ready for the pain
I’ve been getting used to it
It’s never gonna change

All I know is facts though
I been getting cash though
Girl if I die, go to heaven with a Range and an LV suit
With the kush up in the boot
And a rose gold bust down heavy with a chain
Yeah I’d give it all back, but I’d never be the same

I was feeling stupid, tell me why I do this
I just made a truth with the devil in my brain
Now I’m feeling useless, tell me where the noose is
Still be getting used to the cheddar and the fame
Now I’m trying to do this
Now I’ve got a blueprint, trying to make sure all my breddas getting paid
Pedal to the medal cos the bredda wanna chase
Pedal to the medal with the treble to the bass
I was all music
Got levels to the game
Girl, you know who dis
I just got two gold records to my name
If you wanna talk about money that we blow
Girl, I just blew one seven in a day
If you wanna talk about money that we owe
I can come through brah, settle up the pay
Cooking up something, this recipe cooking
And you know that all of my women gon’ eat

Now when It comes to a festival booking
Yeah I get a quarter milli for the fee
Like, ever since Chillin was born
You thought after thought of the cause of his death
What’d you expect, moment that Chilli was born
He was choking the cord on his neck
Doctor I’m rapping, he started to breathe
Now I get dinner and order the cheque
Now I get women and order the respect
Now I be winning, I’m balling, I’m fresh
Bored on the jet, fly back and visit my mum
We haven’t talked in a sec
Mumma she know, her style she been on the road
She see it all on the net
Double up the prof
Everything I do now
Does it does like a boss
Tell me what you wish for
Never coming easy
And everything in life now is coming at a cost
Fuck, I was going crazy
I was at the club, all the hundreds getting dropped
I was getting faded
Bring it to the tables, coming on the rocks

Sippin on Regal, yeah
Double up shot
This is my people, yeah
Dodging these ops
Fuck all this evil, yeah
Still run from the cops
Still run from the cops
Still run from the cops

Look, now I got money, you couldn’t imagine
Homie this happened, they put me to stage
Homie it’s nothing, yeah fuck all this money
People I love gonna look at my face
You a disgrace, look in the mirror you changed
Wishes they took me away, reefer we spark in Adina apartments
If she’s got the ganga I’m cooking the jay
I still got brothers that cook with the base
I still got brothers that shoot at your frame
You think my brothers aren’t down for this brother
Then brother you making a rookie mistake

Money on shirts, money on jumpers
Money on herb, money on shunters
Money on her, money on youngers
Money on ,my olders, money on my uncles

Like, I don’t do emotion
Homie I was smoking with the bottle inside
I ain’t really coping
I ain’t really focused
I’m caught up with the lie
Swollowing my pride
Now I got a fit little thottie on the side
Now I got Fortay hitting up my line saying pull up cos i’m worried you could die
I told him I’ll be fine
I gotta get the record on the shelf
I’ve been going harder
Ever since karma, gave me a taste of the heaven and the hell
I was going harder
Ever since Larna, took me for a visit seeing Benny in his cell
I just got a phone call from my little bro
Saying big bro i’m just checking on your health
I know you’re not well and I know how you are
You’re never gonna tell
You always checked on me, it’s time your checking on yourself

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