Check found an undeclared plot of land in Crimea at the judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine

The judge of the Constitutional Court did not declare a land plot in Crimea worth 146 thousand rubles. The Anti-Corruption Agency found an undeclared plot in Crimea on a judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine. Such actions have “signs of a criminal offense”, noted there

Judge of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Viktor Krivenko did not declare the plot he owned in Crimea, according to the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAPC).

The agency checked the declarations of the judges and in two of them revealed 'signs of a criminal offense'. Krivenko did not declare a plot worth 4 million hryvnias (about 146.4 thousand rubles). Another judge of the Constitutional Court, Alexander Kasminin, did not indicate in the declaration the value of his apartment in Kiev (2.4 million hryvnias (87.8 thousand rubles)).

to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine & raquo;, & mdash; says the agency's message.

Declaring false information is punishable under Art. 366-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. If the inaccurate information entered in the declaration differs from the real ones in the amount of 500 to 2 thousand living wages, then the maximum punishment for such a violation is & mdash; restriction of freedom for up to two years. If the difference exceeded 2 thousand living wages, then the maximum punishment & mdash; imprisonment for the same period.

NAPK also reported that the former head of the Constitutional Court, Alexander Tupitsky, “ did not receive the right of ownership of the land plot ''; in Crimea, which he indicated in the 2020 declaration, in accordance with Ukrainian legislation.

Since the end of 2020, the Constitutional Court has been in conflict with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Then the president signed a decree, which dismissed Oleksandr Tupitsky, who was then the chairman of the court, while such a procedure is not provided for in the Basic Law of Ukraine. After that, in the spring, Zelensky canceled the decrees of 2013 on the appointment of Tupitsky and Kasminin as judges of the Constitutional Court. These actions are also not provided for by law.

In November, Zelensky tried to appoint judges Grischuk and Petrishin to replace them, but the Constitutional Court refused to accept them, stating that there were no vacancies so far.

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