Charlie Sloth – Fire In The Booth Special Lyrics

Part 1: Prod. by Mubz and ?

[Verse 1: Ambush]
Izzy and Camden
Show ’em I’m a little bit cockney
You ain’t ever seen a hundred bags, uhh
Boy talk to me propperly
All pissed cah your boyfriend want me, uhh
I can’t lie this shit new
But I couldn’t but I could’ve mad a visit in Onley
Coulda had a trap in Pompey
This plug talk, nigga I’m poppy
We the only niggas doing this indie
Like I beg man look at my pinkie
Can’t even fit on my pinkie
All that bullshit, better just miss me
This G-u, letting off fifty
You can ask Roman, you can ask Whisky
From young I’ve been doing it risky
Wah, you know 12, like 6 b
Uhh, that’s 18 bits g
Wait, lemme do the maths quickly
Quick maths, I’mma be there shortly
Trap smart, what g man taught me?
Think large, what rambz have taught me?
It’s had fast, what Frank done taught me
Big bars what Pros done taught me
What SP taught me
Done it all and they saw me
Now I let my actions do the talk for me
My life of friends, they still call me
Can’t compare, the man corny

[Verse 2: Headie One]
Not gon’ die tryna do it for the viewers or clout
Cah it will be worth the try
But I know I’m a wanted guy
Keep a barrel that spins like the London Eye
I dunno who’s who
I’m tryna keep my eyes open like a yute that’s tight
I got my bally on, they still know it me
And my heads too big, ain’t a good disguise
Dem man der ain’t on dis, lock the park
Me I shoulda a G19 like a automatic car pushed the start
Closer ching or get wooshed from far
Pull up and watch everybody push their darg
Get both love and AM my city
Their really tryna do me [?]
I still slow drive through the opp block like I’m tryna look for a spot to park
Judge really gave Kash eight for smoking throught the [?]
That was a bit too harsh
All we ever do is step, one smoke in the ride, gotta bring two arms
That’s four man in the ride, two dargs
Real t’ugs life like [?]

Part 2: Prod. by Slay Products

[Verse 1: K-Trap]
Really rap what I live
They see the truth, it’s me that’s writing it
Woulda thought that I dropped the spray in there
The way how I put ice in it
Back then I woulda slapped his head
But now I’m too grown, put price on it
Lid off the pot, scrape that rock
There ain’t no rice in it
They think before cah it’s waps galore
And you know that we’re nice with it
And if she’s pretty with swag and keeps it trill
I might be nice with it
Bags of shoes, I’ll put you in a brand new coupé
Now, why am I lying?
Rather spend it on waps, put it on the blocks
To show ’em it’s frying
Cah I’m done with them yutes, their wouldn’t
Me no done with them yutes, their couldn’t
Cah I really get busy, four in a door and a neutral bullet
Two hands born in trizzy
Dem man don’t do the road ting fully
They’re just lying and lying
Gotta stay away from Harrods
Anytime I’m going, just buying and buying
Gotta stay away from hammers
Any fore sell, I’ll buy it, I’ll buy it
All of that talk, they don’t know about violence
Six in the spin, I’ll slide and fry ’em
I ain’t ever done typing

[Verse 2: Blade Brown]
I was juggin’ from the start
I’ll turn a jigga to a art
Think a nigga turned his phone off
I was juggin’ in the dark
Wait, little nigga with a game plane
I turn my tracki into named brand
I tell ’em bitches “I’m a changed man”
Or cock it and shoot him with the same hand
Fuck bitches, get bread first
But when I fuck bitches, get head first
Trap talk for a while now
You never hear me spit a dead verse
You never hear me tell a lie once
Your gonna phone me back if I try once
Couple workers got wrapped up
Had to fall back for nine months
Then it’s strait back jugg mode
Never talk, that’s the hood code
I’m your favourite trapper-trapper
Nuttin’ like a rapper, trust me man the hood knows
Made a killing off a bujj o’s
In the veins where that bujj goes
Bags and boxes, that’s my legacy
If you didn’t, then you should know
Bags and boxes, that’s my legacy
If you didn’t, then you should know

Part 3: Prod. by ?

[Verse 1: Headie One]
Have you ever put all your bread into grub?
I really put my whole life on the phone
How could I be scared to be alone?
It was minus degrees up noth on my own
Have you ever had a blue tick on Insta?
Still copped a nina, now it needs a whistler
I’m still copping smoke, that’s even though I’m more of a drinker
Back where three used to dance to the linger
We just pulled up in the dark and lingered
Really tryna leave man injured
Do another [?], finish like Lingard
Ever been stuck on the wing with the niggas?
Buss case and now your screaming free all the niggas
I was splitting canteen with the niggas
Now I just gotta send p’s to the niggas
Have you ever had nuttin’ but a eight ball each for your dinner?
Spent your whole summer in the T with the kitties
Then catted five in a week from a dinner
Step with the spinners
I ain’t tryna be the one that bleeds in the winter
My old first turned fishy
Now I gotta keep them at distance

[Verse 2: K-Trap]
Two rex’s deep in the t house
And I got Shmurda blending
If they kick this door in, I might have to serve a sentence
So I’m in the bando rushing, tryna get in then out, no stress
We spent all night deleting texts, and asking bro whats left?
Never done loads online cah they know full well we step
How much times did we go and make a mess?
Then laugh off back to the ends
Keep one on the way back
Anyone we see, like burnt from the ride
And free bro cah he done that Deliveroo with a burg on a bike
When we hear they’re there, we’re coming
Bare live drumbings, saw me one and spun it
I know why everyone’s running
Gotta keep it cool, I can fell the maddest of obbo
Left out cah the trap sold out
I might go Harrods tomorow
I don’t even try, just buy it
Throw me a pack and I’ll fly it
And of course the guys still riding
Suprised that bro’s ain’t tired
And [?] dem girls still out ‘ere
Suprise them hoes and [?]
Been talking bricks for ages
I’m supriesed these phones ain’t wired

[Verse 3: Blade Brown]
My lifestyles BxB, that’s braking bricks

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