Casanova – Tax Letter

So this nigga tax out here
Why he tellin’ me he don’t eat ass my nigga
This nigga wanna eat ass
Cas’ out here with his wife, feeling left at home
Its gonna be lit!
Lit! anything is yeah

[Verse 1]
Dear beloved, how you holdin’ up?
Whips still moving’, we ain’t slowin’ up
Wish you was right here rollin’ up
I got songs with Chris Brown, nigga I’m blown’ up
That fake case hit me, like the car crash
But I still listen to your punk ass
On beat, they miss you in the streets
Who else gon’ bring that heat?
Like that interview with Meek
In the Wraith, still drinking D’USSÉ
With the chase, used to get that shit by the case
And the bevel, they callin’ you a devil
You went against the grain, you was law like the rebel

I know you waitin’ on that mail from me
Charlamagne, said he’s helpin’ with the bail money
And thats a fact, you help me out the trap
You got my deal for me, I ain’t ever lookin’ back
Just wanna get you situated back
Even wax said the situation wack
The Billy still beefin’ with the Macks
I tried to swipe a fifth, they ran trap outta sacks
I guess they know my face now
Don’t Run, got me all over the place now
Break you outta jail, just give me one trial
This is how I say, I wanna don’t cry

[Verse 2]
The lawyer know that you more wiser
To ever turn urban plaza to the Gaza
Besides, you had the deals and endorsements
When I heard the news, I swear to god, man I lost it
Pause this
I met Jay Z, had a Rocnation brunch it was crazy
Called a couple niggas, thought niggas be shady
They never supported me, nigga can you blame me?
But I’m state to state though
These niggas showin’ love, but its fake though
Yeah I know its gettin’ late bro
What you already know, nigga be safe though

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